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X Files Trading Cards.
Old X Files trading cards from season 1,2 and 3,through the Master Visions collector cards and on to the Australian Intrepid release.X Files Contact trading cards released by Intrepid cards in 1996.
Scully and Mulder enter the paranormal world to discover if the "The Truth Is Out There".
Topps X Files Showcase release 1997 still in stock.
Our dedicated X Files trading cards page,has trading card prices and values listed.Find your X File trading card supplies and missing  cards.Locate our card holder page for all your trading card sleeves and card protectors.
X-Files collector cards sold by the packet,set,single and insert card.Special promo items and case card inserts still available.
Stock of the X Files Premier Collectible Card Game available by the packet,ultra rares,rares and commons.Send list.We dont list them.
X-Files cards for sale from our trading card online store.The place for the X File card collector.

X-Files Series One Trading Cards.1995 Topps USA.
X-Files Season One Trading Cards.72 cards 72 parallel 6 etch 4 chrome.
X-Files_series-I-Trading-Cards-image 72 cards      $12.50
single             50c

 parallel          $1.25ea

6 etch
4 chrome
Packet         $4


MT Box

All Cards Straight from the box no Traded Cards.

X-Files All New Series,Season II Premium Trading Cards.1996 Topps USA.
X Files Season Two Trading Cards.
72 cards 72 parallel 6etch 4 holograms.

72 cards      $12.50
single               40c

parallel          $1ea

4 holograms
Packet         $2.50


MT Box

X-Files Season III Trading Cards.1996  Topps USA.
X-Files Series III Trading Cards.
72 cards,72 parallel,6etch,2 Paranormal Finest,X1 X2.

72 cards       $12.50
single               40c

parallel          $1ea

2 Paranormal Finest,
X1 X2
Packet         $2.50


MT Box see below.

X-Files Season III Bonus Trading Cards.Un-Numbered.1996 Topps USA.


Condition VG-Ex

X Files Mastervision Collector Cards.Premiere Edition.1996 Topps USA.
30 Monumental Art Cards.6 1/2"x 10 3/16 "

Box Set of 30 Cards          $39

Singles                               Call

X-Files Contact Trading Card Series.Intrepid cards,1996 Australia.
90 Cards,9 Alien Visitation cards,3 Colony cel acetates,Blue cel Acetate Card.
X-Files_Trading-Cards-Series-image 90 Cards Set    Sold
singles               50c

9 Alien Visitation cards

3 Colony cel acetates,

Blue cel Acetate Card.


MT Box 

X-Files showcase Volume I Trading Cards.1997 Topps USA.
72 cards   X-Effect  Laser Cut 

72 cards            $19

single                  50c


Laser Cut

X Files Premier Collectible Card Game.USPC USA.


Unopened Starter Pack                     $9.50


Wrapper Booster

 Mt Box Booster

Wrapper Starter

 Mt Box Starter
Ultra Rares      enquire

Rares                  $2.50

Uncommon           $1

commons                50c

Most in stock.

All cards Nr Mint Unplayed, untraded.

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All Cards Nr Mint Untraded.Sets come with wrappers.

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