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Card Holder.
Welcome to our Trading Card Holder,section.Stock of Ultra Pro trading card sleeves to suit individual collector cards and 50/100 count plastic trading card boxes.Post card sleeves and card protectors for the cigarette card collector.
We strive to protect most sizes of card for the collector.
 We stock the highest quality Trading Card Holders to preserve your trading card treasures from the effects of age and climate.We endeavour to protect the quality of our own stock of cards,magazines and general merchandise for sale,using the protectors we offer for sale.
All trade card holders available for sale from our trading cards online shop.
Have a special requirement?If we can help further,please enquire at postbox below.

Wide range of card holders and card sleeves for sale.

Soft sleeve std  Toploader single std  rigid Toploader single std   rigid
blue red black white
Toploader single std flexi
ssg/d50 topstd brbwtop topst
100 cnt $1.50   25 cnt   $3.95 25 cnt   $3.95     200 cnt   $17.50
      25c ea     25c ea 15c ea

sst dst
snaptite standard
  $1 each 
  double snaptite standard 
  $2.95 each

Gameday/Widevision Card Holder


g/d soft sleeve
100 count $2.95
Toploader single  
  25 cnt  $12.50

 PKK Screwdowns standard card
  Simply place cards into recess and screwdown with supplied screws to secure.

ssd dsd 4sc 4sc 9sc
single $2.50 double $4  four $5.95   six $9.95  nine $11.95

$10 min order this page.
Contact us.Click on Postbox.
Prices,mail details and payment options.
Prompt reply.


PKK Plastic Card Holders For Sale.

50 count box 100count 5-15 card holder clip type 150 count 200 count
50/100c 5cnt 150/200c
$2 for 2      $2.00 $1.00 each   $2.75       sold out

2rba 2c2rpc
  2 ring binder/album $17.50 2card 2ring binder 75c each

Cigarette card collector sheets for sale,
plus coin collector sheets and other sizes.

Nostalgia trading card pages below.All fit 2 ring binder displayed above.
10,8,6,4,1 and 15 pocket card holder available.
(see post card section above for binder)

   10pkt 8pkt 6pkt
10 pocket card holder 8 6
Regret sold out at present. in stock in stock
All 75c each.

6pktv 4pkt 1pkt 15pkt
6 4 1 15 coins ?
All 75c each.
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$10 min order this page.
Contact us.Click on Postbox.
Prices,mail details and payment options.
Prompt reply.