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Basketball Inserts.
Fleer Basketball Cards 1993-1994
Fleer Basketball Cards 1994-1995
Fleer Basketball cards 1995-1996
Hoops Basketball Cards 1993-1994

Batman Trading Cards.
Batman Trading Cards from around the World.Batman cards from 1966,plus all the Batman Movie trading cards from 1989.We cover the movies Batman Returns,Batman Forever,the Australian cards,plus Batman hologram cards.Art and Comic cards are also included and the Batman Adventures,Batman Saga of the Dark Knight and Batman Master series.
Our dedicated Batman site,has trading card prices and values spread thoughout its many pages.Find your vintage Batman trading card supplies.Locate our card holder page for all your trading card sleeves and card protectors.
The Batman Super Hero,immortalised on cards for more than 50 years.First issues of the Batman card before 1966!A full range of old Batman Trading Cards from1966,1989 to 1997 plus free information on some of the releases.In stock Batman Dandy cards,stickers of Australia.
All Batman cards available for sale from our trading cards online store.The place for the Batman card collector.
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All cards 1989-1990 onwards straight from the box.Not traded.
Batman Trading Cards 1966,set and singles!

Batman Pink Back Fan Club Panel.1966 A+BC UK,single cards in stock.
55 card set.
All A+BC Printed in England cards are 80mm x 55mm in size.
 Batman Pink Back Fan Club Panel 1966 A+BC England  Batman-Pink-Back_Fan-Club-Panel_A+BC-England-1966 In Stock

single   # 4 5 6 9 17  18 26 30 31 32 40 41 44 45 48 50 51 53
condition most G+  to excellent

Batman Pink Back No Panel Trading Cards.1966 A+BC UK.,full set and singles.
55 card set,numbered on back.
Batman Pink Back Card ABC UK Batman-Pink-Back_Trading-Card_ABC-UK-Rear
In stock
Full set

 singles    2 5 7 8 10 11 12 14 16 20 21 23 24 26 27 29 30 31 32 34 35 36 38 39 40 41 42 44 45 46 47 49 50 52 55            most  VG+

Batman Pink Back No Panel Trading Cards.1966 A+BC UK.
55 card set numbered on front.No Stock.
Batman Trading Cards A Series.1966 A+BC England.
Red Bat series.
44 card set.
Batman A Series Trading Cards A+BC UK 1966 Batman A Series Trading Cards A+BC England 1966 back For Sale

single  #35A
Batman B Series trading cards.1966 A+BC UK.No Stock
Blue Bat series.
                                44 card set.                                
Thanks Jim for scans."A+BC" on these cards may appear smudged.
Batman "A" Series Trading Cards.1966 Scanlens cards Australia.
Red Bat series.
Referred to as "A" series cards
44 card set.
Batman "B" Series Trading Cards.1966 Scanlens Australia.
Blue Bat series.
Referred to as "B" series cards.
44 card set.
Batlaffs Trading Cards.1967 scanlens Australia.
Batman original series,Adam West as Batman.
44 card set.

Batman Stickers Dandy 1989-1990 Dandy Australia,
set and singles,wrapper and empty box in stock.
Batman Dandy cards,stickers in stock now
42 stickers Rare.
Batman Dandy Trading Cards 1990 Australia
60 count box.
Batman Dandy Cards

Unopened Pack       enquire

Set                              $90           Nr Mint?(see below)

Single                          $2.25 ea    Nr Mint?(see below)

Wrapper                      $5

Empty box                   $45

Batman Dandy stickers released in Australia in 1989-90.These original comic style stickers are notorious for the slight warping and light creasing of the sticker due to the gum in the pack.
The backs must be white,no finger prints.Fronts,no scratches,full gloss.
Have dealt with these stickers since 1989 and complete unmarked stickers are GOLD.

Batman Movie Trading Cards 1989-1990,set,singles,box sets,wrappers and insert cards in stock.

Batman Movie Cards,1989-1990 Regina Australia.
132 cards,no stickers released.
See link below.
No unopened boxes or packs.
Batman Movie Trading Cards New 2nd Series,1989-1990 Regina Australia.132 cards.
       Visit Batman Regina Cards.
No unopened boxes or packs.
Batman Movie Trading Cards 1989-1990 Topps USA,card set,sticker set and single cards in stock.
132 cards 22 stickers.
In stock.

Card set


sticker set

Batman Movie Cards New 2nd Series 1989-1990 Topps USA,card set,sticker set and singles in stock!
132 cards 22 stickers.

In stock.

Card set


sticker set

Batman Movie Box Sets.Batman Box Set.
Batman Movie Cards.Box Set I.1989-1990 Topps UK.
132 cards 22 stickers.
No Stock.
Batman Movie Cards.Box Set II.1989-1990 Topps UK in stock now!
132 cards,22 Stickers,11 bonus Weapons Cards.
Batman Movie Cards 2nd Series Box Set $17.50
Batman Movie Trading Cards.1989-1990 Topps UK.
132 Small cards.
Batman Movie Cards.1989-1990 Chix U.K. in stock.
12 Sweet Cigarette Packets.In stock 
Batman Movie Trading Cards.1989-1990 Chix U.K.
6 X 2 Sweet Cigarette Packets.No stock at present.
Same images as above but 2 per packet.

Batman Playing cards
Batman Returns Movie Playing Cards.1992 USA.
Batman Adventures Playing Cards.1992 USA.

We Ship Worldwide.

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Batman card prices,mail details and payment options.
Prompt reply to all enquiries.

Batman Returns Dynamic Marketing Trading Cards 1992 Australia,set,singles,holograms,gold cards,bonus cards and Gotham City Dollars in stock.
150 cards 20 stickers
9 holograms,10 Gold Stamped Cards.5 bonus stickers.
Gotham City Dollars   $1,$2 and $5.
Album,Mini Album,Poster,Shrinkies.        

 Visit our Batman Returns Dynamic Marketing Trading Cards page and
find the answer to the question,"just how many variations were there to the Gotham City Currency Dollars?"

Free info on Dynamic set below.What was in those original boxes?

Batman Movie Cards,sets,singles and packets in stock.
Batman Returns Movie Photo Cards.Topps USA 1992,packets,sets and singles in stock.
88 Cards and 10 Stadium cards.
Uncut promotional sheet issued to promote "Popular priced Edition" and "Stadium Club Edition".Promo shows one card of each issue.
Batman Returns Cards Topps Unopened packet $1

Set cards in stock

singles in stock
Batman Returns Topps Stadium Club.Super Premium Movie Cards.Topps USA 1992,packets,sets and singles in stock.
100 stadium cards.
Unopened packet $1

Set cards in stock

singles in stock
Batman Returns Movie Cards.Zellers Foods Canada 1992,set in stock.
24 card set.
Set In Stock
Batman Returns Movie Photo Stickers.Topps USA 1992,packets,sets and singles in stock.
66 Stickers.
Unopened packet 

Set cards in stock

singles in stock
Batman Forever Metal Trading Cards.Fleer Ultra USA 1995,packets,sets and singles in stock.
150 cards 150 silver flashers parallel,10 Gold Blaster cards,
8 preview cards,4 holograms and Video game preview card.
10 oversize Metal Prints.

Unopened packet $1

Set cards in stock

singles in stock

silver flashers parallel singles

Gold Blaster cards

preview cards


Video game preview card

Batman Forever Movie Photo Stickers.Topps USA 1995,packets,sets and singles in stock.
100 stickers and 4 Chromium  Stickers.
Sticker set in stock

single cards

Chromium in stock
Batman Forever Fleer Ultra Trading Cards.Fleer Ultra USA 1995.
120 cards,36 Holograms,10 Animaction,2 Video game tips
Mail in set Film Cells and COA,1 promo and 3 uncut sheets of 4 cards.
Batman Forever Pogs.World Pog Federation Australia 1995.
60 pogs and 10 slammers.

Batman Forever Dynamic Marketing Trading Cards,packets,sets and singles in stock.
Batman Forever cards Dynamic Marketing.
 110 Trading Cards. 9 Enemy Cards.                                        
2 Heroes and 2 Villans Noctovision Cards with one Redemption Card for each.          
#5 Noctovision Card available with Official album.
 1 Megamotion Card                                                                                
9 Kellogg Cards
3 Promo Cards
1 Official Album.Album was released in two batches,one with Nocto Card and without.

All cards 1990 onwards straight from the box.Not traded.

Batman Animated,Art and Comic Cards.
Batman the Animated Series Deluxe Trading Cards.Topps USA 1993.
100 Cards and 6 Cels.Available with blank backs or 'collect all 6' on back.
6 card uncut Cels and 5 promos.
Batman the Animated Series II Deluxe Trading Cards.Topps USA 1994.
90 Cards and 4 cels and Signed card by Danny Devito.Stadium club card #2
 2 promos
Batman-the-Animated-series-II_trading-cards In Stock

card set

Batman Saga of the Dark Knight Trading Cards.Skybox USA 1994.
100 cards,5 Spectra etch,Skymotion card..Uncut sheet of 8 cards.
Album,5 Promos and Promo skydisc.
Batman-Saga-of-the-Dark-Knight_trading-cards In Stock.

Card set


inserts enquire.

Adventures of Batman and Robin Trading Cards.Skybox 1995 USA.
 90 cards, Hobby:3 Thermal cards,9 RAS Foils,12 Popups.Retail 9 Color in cards.
Batman Master Series Trading Cards.Topps 1996 USA.
          90 cards,90 Artists Proof Parallel cards,
        6 Batman Fantasy,10 Mastervision cards.
        2 Batman Chrome and 2 Batman Clear Chrome cards.
Batman Master Series Cards          
Display Box      
Batman Master Series Trading Cards Promo Sheet

     Sales Sheet $29
Four sheet dealers copy.
Batman All Hologram Trading Cards.Skybox 1996 USA.
              50 hologram set plus 4 Holo Action and 1 Holo Cel Card.
              50 Parallel Holograms and 4 Parallel Holo Action.

No stock at present.
Adventures of Batman and Robin Action Pax Trading Cards,with gum.
Batman Action Packs.
Fleer Skybox 1996 USA.
            12 Arkham Cards,12 Popout,6 Color In and 6 Puzzle Cards.
4 Types of Gum.1 offer card.
Blank sales sheet.
In Stock.

Card series enquire.
Batman and Robin Movie Trading Cards.Skybox 1997 USA
70 cards,24 storyboards
12 profiles,6 celluloid
               Retail:4 Kenner,Hobby 6 Autograph cards.
       5 posters.
Batman-and-Robin_Movie_trading-cards In Stock.


Inserts enquire.

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 Batman cards prices,mail details and payment options.
 Prompt reply to all enquiries.
All cards 1990 onwards straight from the box.Not traded.

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Trading CardS Home

Batman Returns Movie Collector Cards,Dynamic Marketing 1992 Australia.
What was in those boxes?
 Batman-Returns-Dynamic-Marketing_Promo-Rear Batman-Returns-Dynamic-Marketing_First_Release_Box-In-Box Batman-Returns-Dynamic-Marketing_Promo-Sheet 

Batman Returns Dynamic.Complete set?
150 cards.20 stickers,9 holograms,10 gold stamped cards,5 bonus stickers,3 Gotham City Dollars,3 Shrinkies send away set.10 Gold "Stamped Cards" set,send away.Only one type of Gold card set issued.
  poster to host the 20 stickers,a full sized Batman Returns Album for the 150 trading cards and recent addition to information,a small album.The small album housed the 150 card set.

Almost every Batman card for sale,every item is straight from the original box.Handled once or twice by ourselves and carefully stored.

          When the Batman Returns cards where released they where released in two batches.Original issue was  issued inside a plain brown cardboard box,then sealed with clear tape.Very difficult to locate in original boxes.So there is such a thing as a Batman Returns Dynamic,sealed box.These early sealed boxes were released to Newsagents during the first week of release,and confectionary stores.This was how we originally purchased our stock.
Later issues were unsealed in display boxes.So what was in the boxes when they where opened?Well heres your free information.

          They where very difficult to complete!How do we know?We dealt with one of the largest non sports cards dealers in the World during the 90s,and he had considerable difficulty completing the common set,and he like us,opened cases of them.So if you've sold a set lately,think again about the price.Have you bought a set recently?Check every card carefully.

           The sticker set was not too difficult to complete one per pack.
           The holograms came 2 or 3 in a box.Same with the gold cards.They where available as a send away set also,but same as the Gold cards from the boxes.These "stamped cards" not Embossed Gold cards remain difficult to complete as a set and find in near mint condition.

           The holograms did come lightly scratched,some of them, straight from the box.The marks should be perfectly straight.No scratches across at 45 degrees or round marks on them.They should be white on the back,no finger prints.

           Bonus stickers,came one in a box.Ok you may have been lucky and got more,we are giving the average.So one in a box and 5 in a set and the kids stuck them to their school bags,the cat,their brother etc.I think youve worked it out by now.Whenever we see sets for sale there are normally two things missing.The bonus stickers and the Gotham City Dollars!

           Anyone who collected Civil War News cards in the 60s will probably tell you that the money(1 in a pack) was thrown away and now worth at least double the card value!
           Well if youve got this far,your a Batman fan.Visit us soon for more info on the money and wrappers and how many variations there where.Always willing to learn.If you have info to add please contact us.

Copyright © 1997-2018

 Visit our Batman Returns Dynamic Marketing Trading cards page for prices and availability.
Gotham City Currency checklist now available.Visit link above.

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