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Basketball Inserts.
Fleer Basketball Cards 1993-1994
Fleer Basketball Cards 1994-1995
Fleer Basketball cards 1995-1996
Hoops Basketball Cards 1993-1994

 X Men cards from Comic Images 1991 to the Xmen 2099 Oasis trading cards 1997.
Old Uncanny X Men releases from 1991 were basic in their design and finish.By 1993 the Impel release really took off.Hologram special cards and the incredible,rare Wolverine 3D Xmen trading card.A deep based hologram,this card gave a realistic 3D effect,and is still very rare and sort after by X-Men collectors.Stock of Fleer Ultra X Men Cards 1994,value continues to rise for these high quality cards.
Recent find of the rare X-Men Stickers,Fleer Germany.
Stock of most of the series below including X Men Chrome,Fleer Ultra 1995.Plus card sets,singles and inserts.Marvel  XMen cards for sale from our trading cards online store.
Enjoy the visit.

X-Men Trading Cards For Sale.Most Cards in stock.

X Men Trading Cards 1991 Comic Images USA.
90 Cards.
XMen-Trading-Cards_Comic-Images_1991 In Stock.

Card set



 Uncanny X-Men I Trading Cards.1991 Impel USA.
100 cards,5 holograms.
Uncanny_X-Men-trading-cards_Impel-1991 In Stock.

Card Set


Holograms enquire

X Men Series II Trading Cards.
1993 Impel USA.  
  100 Cards,9x30TH Anniversary cards, 3holograms,Amazing Wolverine 3D card.

Box         $69
Packet     $2.50
Set           $25
30th          $5 ea
Holos        $10ea
3D              nil
Wrapper    $1
Empty Box $7.50

X MEN Series II Cards.Factory Tin set.
Nil stock at present.

X-Men Stickers.1993 Diamond Italy.
X Men Diamond Stickers.
      180 Stickers,clear animated.

Singles 50c

                                             X-Men Stickers.Bubble Gum.                                               1994 Fleer Germany. 
32 Stickers Set.

In Stock

#s  4 7 8 9 20 23 24 28                    $1 ea

Wrapper                                           $1 ea

X-Men Fleer Ultra.1994 Fleer Ultra USA. 
Fleer Ultra X Men.
150 cards,1-9,1-6.
Fleer-Ultra_X-Men-94_Premiere-Edition 150 Cards Set  

Single    75c+



X Men Series II Fleer Ultra.1995  Fleer Ultra USA.
Fleer Ultra X Men Series II.
           150 cards,10 suspended animation,10 hunters,10 sinister observations.   
Xmen-Fleer-Ultra-95_series-II-trading-cards In Stock.

Card Set missing 2 cards.


Inserts enquire

X Men Chrome Fleer Ultra.1995 Fleer Ultra USA.
Fleer Ultra X Men.  
  100 Cards,100 signed,20 alternate X embossed,9 lethal weapons holoflash cards.
Set  $35

singles  50c

signed    1.00

IM     3.50ea

Holo   7.50 ea

X Men Wolverine.1996 Fleer Ultra USA.
100 cards,9 holo foil,3 mirage.

X Men 2099 Oasis.1997 Fleer Skybox USA.
                               90 Cards,9 Chrome,1 box Card,1 autograph.
XMen-2099-Oasis_trading-cards_Fleer-Skybox In Stock.

Card Set


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