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What types of trading cards are there?
So what types of trading cards are there?Well from the image below you will be able to see the various types and sizes that have to offer.
We have the redeemed USA Basketball shirt from the Skybox USA card release of the 1990s.Rugby league cards from Australia 1990.Locker box cards from Upper Deck.Vintage Star Wars cards from 1977.The Pepsi Cola II tin collection release 1995.Deep Space 9 box set from 1993.Football,soccer FA Cup cards and Disney,uncut 2 card promos from Dynamic Marketing.
Michael Jordan insert cards,and Anfernee Hardaway rookie cards in widevision,or gameday size cards.Snaptite holders and screwdown holders to protect your collection.By now you may have realised what types of trading cards there are,and how many.It is a vast subject.
Cricket trading cards are next from the early 1900s,but in differing sizes.Movies star cards from the Silent period and Talkies.Desert Storm and War trading cards.Not everyones likes them,however it is undeniable that for every War,from the Boer War to the War in Iraq,there is a release.
Then we have the Upperdeck basketball unopened box,which contrasts with the cigarette card album from the 1920s-30s.Does your cigarette card have straight or triangular  imprints around the four corners?Well its quiet possible that this was how they were formed,as the cards were corner mounted.Soldiers and Regimental Uniforms cigarette cards,leading to X Files Wide vision cards.
Unopened Robo Cop Movie cards by Regina from Australia containing gum,along with Lion King Walt Disney cards.The Marilyn Monroe Hollywood Legends,Hologram box set can be seen next to the mail-in series of Batman Shrinkies by Dynamic Marketing.TV and Movie cards are represented by rare Film Stars swap cards from Fantails Australia 1963,in color and black and white,or is it blue?Why is that an early Illya Kuryakin,David McCallum card?Wow just checked!I spelt his name right first time,I must be getting old.
The Fantasy trading card category is represented by Larry Elmore,but the Colossal version.Finally some near mint condition cigarette cards in protective sleeves to preserve them for the future.
So,have answered the question,what types of trading cards are there?There are many, and more we have to list.Missing are Sweet cigarette cards,stickers and cereal,weetbix,weetabix type cards.
Which ones should I collect?That my friend is a question only you can answer,but enjoy your collecting.

All our various types of trading cards are available for sale from our trading cards online store.Sorry we have no postcards.That is a subject all of its own.Thank you.
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