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Trading Cards Sales Sheets.
Trading Cards have a large supply of Trading Cards Sales Sheets or Promotional Flyers.
Below is a listing of our Fantasy Art Sales Sheets,we do have many hundreds of others for our trading card list.
The value of the Trading Card Sales Sheets can be determined by the often unique Art Work and Information supplied concerning the release.In some cases a checklist is included.Most are A4 size with one or two pages to their format.Some are 4 or more pages,displaying everything from the set composition to display boxes wrappers and full checklists.
Often overlooked by the Card Collector,they offer an invaluable addition to any set.
All Sales sheets available from our Trading Cards Store Online.

Bone II
Art Of Heavy Metal
Greg and Tim Hildebrandt Together and Separate
Battlefield Earth
Norman Rockwell II
Prince Valiant
Best of Boris all Chrome
Poison Elves
Heavy Metal Movie and More
Conan Marvel Years
Civil War Mort Kunstler
Olivia In Omnichrome
Supreme (has price sticker attached)
Best of Rowena (3 way ad with Starwars Art and Necropolis Park)
Strangers in Paradise
Brothers Hildebrandt
Blueprints of the Future
Bill Ward 50 Years...

Just a small selection,more coming soon.....
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