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Basketball Inserts.
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Tempo Trading Cards.
Tempo Trading Cards began in 1995 with the May Gibbs Collector Cards.This typically all Australian issue was highly regarded in Australia and around the World.
Tempo's Peter Rabbit Collector Cards,was another Australian release in high demand due to the high quality printing and exceptional Artwork of Beatrix Potters' UK creation.
Gladiators Collector Cards came from the Gladiator Game show series on TV in 1996.
Simpsons Down Under Trading Card release in 1996 was a World wide hit with its unique cards and almost endless number of  Special cards.
Tempo Trading Cards Australia issued one of the most difficult inserts of all time.The Bartarang Card was redeemed for a real Boomerang with Barts Image in the middle.Only 50 were made.
Barbie Collector Cards issued by Tempo were unique sets that utilised their own brand of insert numbering.Every insert card was numbered.
Most cards available from our trading card store online.Enjoy your visit and these amazing cards.


Barbie,36 years of.1996 Tempo Australia.
36 Years of Barbie Trading cards.
110 cards,plus
5 The Beginning,
3 Ken and Barbie,
3 Happy Birthday Barbie,
1 redemption withdrawn from packs,
above redemption card available after market.


Barbie,World of.1997 Tempo Australia.
World of Barbie Collector Cards.
100 trading cards,plus

4 Barbie Years,
8 Bob Mackie Collection,
1 BMCR  redemption card,
2 Prima Ballerina Barbie,
3 Summit Redemption Cards,
4 Box top cards,
1 Case card,
4 Promos.
1 sales sheet.
In Stock Barbie by Matel,Panini and Dart.Enquire at post box below.

May Gibbs Collector Cards.An Australian Classic Series.1995 Tempo Australia. 
110 cards,plus

8 creature cards,
3 rare,
1 redemption card.
In Stock
C5 C6
R1 R3

Gladiators Collectors Cards.Game Show TV Series.1996 Tempo Australia.
        100 cards set,plus
Gladiators-Collector-Cards-Tempo 13 B,

6 pop up cards,

3 GTT,

2 redemption

1 sales sheet

Gladiators Collector Cards Sales Sheet.

Nickelodeon Rugrats Trading Cards.1997 Tempo Australia.
100 card set,plus
7 Tommy's Favorites,
3 Rugrats at Play,
1 Peek a Boo card,
4 Promos.

Peter Rabbit and Friends Collector Cards.1996 Tempo Australia.
Beatrix Potters' Peter Rabbit and Friends Trading Cards.
110 card set,plus

8 PS,
3 character cards,
4 Pop up cards
PRF card,1-300
BPC card,1-2000 
Redemption card 1-12000 
P2 Promo.
1 sales promo sheet.
In stock
PS 1 PS4 PS5
CH 3
PU 2

Pumped Up Down Under Trading Cards.1996 Tempo Australia.
100 card set,
6 New Talent cards,
6 Calender Cover cards,
1 Redemption card Matt Richardson.

Simpsons Down Under Trading Cards.1996 Tempo Australia.
100 card set,plus
Visit link above for prices and availability.
100 card set,
7 Homer As,
7 Duff cards,
4 Springfield Finest,
4 Display Box Cards,
2 Case Cards,
1 Bartarang 50 only produced,
Redemption 3 card set Americas Favorite Family,
4 Promos,
1 In depth Promotional Poster/Sheet,In stock!
1 Album.

Whispering Jack Trading Cards.John Farnham.10 Year Celebration.
1996 Tempo Australia.
12 card set,one card for each year since Australias Best selling Album had been released.
Display box containes 20 packs each with a set inside.
So they released a 12 card set as a 10 year Celebration?Oh well.
Sales sheet poster.
Display box.

Regret did not stock this issue.

Sales sheet is for sale


Condition Ex

Size 208x297mm
slightly bigger than A4

Tempo Trading Cards Pty Ltd was principally owned by the Panteli Family who were the Founders of Futera Sports Cards until 1995.
Tempos objective was to produce the highest quality,most innovative trading card series in the World.They introduced the SINS numbering system for their box releases and inserts.Every box was numbered as proof of limited release as with the special cards.
There can be little doubt of their high quality produce,or limited supply, as most series sold out from the Factory.

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