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Star Trek II Movie,Monty Gum Trading Cards.
Star Trek II Movie,Monty Gum Trading Cards.Story of these cards is interesting.
They appear to be from a consignment sent to Puerto Rico in 1984!According to the writing on the base."Made and printed in Holland by: Monty Factories"
and includes 1 piece of small gum,half of which can be seen on image 3,lying on the lower card.
The box is unusual as it has no reference to Star Trek,only Star Wars!
There are similarities between this series and the Mexican Star Wars Cards in that both contain inferior gum,produced in South America.
I believe Star Trek II Movie,Monty Gum Trading Cards came 50 packs per box with only two cards per pack.These may be different format to USA release.
Information for above supplied is to the best of my knowledge correct.If you can supply any further info always willing to learn.

Some very rare Star Trek II Movie,Monty Gum Trading Cards From 1982?Still in their original box and wrappers.

Star_Trek-Monty _gum Star-Trek-cards

Star_Trek-Monty-Gum-1982 star-trek-cards-monty-gum

Star_Trek_Cards-Monty-Gum-1982 Pack Contains 2 Cards,the same card number, and blank backs stained with gum.

The similarities with Star Wars Mexican are remarkable.

Two cards the same number and similar gum.

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