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Just about here,you may find something cool from Internet Land.Either something funny,unusual or just something different.Lets have some fun.
Everyone is getting too serious don't you think.
After a hard day lets unwind with a cup of coffee and something cool.Lets start with Mr Bean,every ones favorite.Or is he?Enjoy.......

  Something-Wrong-with-Mr-Bean  Mr_Bean_baby   Mr-Bean-as-the-Pope  Mr-Bean-as-President

Mr-Bean-in-Twilight  Mr-Bean-as-Legally-Blonde  Mr-Bean-as-a-Daughter  Mr-Bean-as-Lady-Gaga

Who Likes Art?
Mr-Bean-as-an-Avatar  Mr-Bean-as-Tomb-Raider
Star-Trek-Generations-poster Batman-Dandy-Trading-Cards-1990_Australia 

These workmen are installing bollards to stop nurses from parking on the pavement outside the Royal Hospital in Belfast .  
They are cleaning up at the end of the day.


How long do you think it will be before they realise that they can't go home?
This is a real photograph..!

Mr-Bean-as-Harry-Potter        Mr-Bean-as-Justin-Bieber

Classic Cars anybody?

Chicken Soup.I mean Chicken Police.

Bored at the weekend?Fancy a trip to the beach to do a little work?

What if you had a piece of wood and a few tools.Could you knock something like this up?

Dont get too close to that volcano!

2 Aussie Politicians Debating the Carbon Tax.Dont miss this One

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