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Scanlens Trading Cards.
Scanlens Trading Cards producers of VFL,AFL and NRL Football Cards.They released their first Rugby League cards in 1963 and with Stimorol,their last in 1991.
Scanlens archive collector card issues began in the 1960s.Topps and A+BC releases around the World,were re-issued by Scanlens.Combat Trading Cards 1963,began the increased interest with youngsters,followed by the huge Batman card releases.Batman A and B series,Red Bat,Blue Bat,along with Batlaffs,Man From UNCLE and Monkees secured them their place in trading card history.
Our dedicated old Scanlens page,has trading card prices and values.
Here you will find your scanlen trading card supplies.Locate our card holder page for all your trading card sleeves and card protectors.
Scanlens,Australias own brand of swap cards for more than 80 years.Original General Interest Series was released in the 1930s.
The depth of Aussie sports cards issues gives them the right to be called the trading card specialists of Australia.Scanlens cards,boxes and wrappers for sale from our trading card online shop..Enjoy your stay.

 Abba Trading Cards Scanlens.Pink and Blue release 1976.
72 A card set Pink.72 B cards set Blue.Also issued as 1-72 in NZ by Allens.
Abba-Trading-Cards_Scanlens-1976  Scanlens-Abba-Trading-Cards-1976 For Sale

singles            sold out at present!          

Batman Trading Cards A Series.Scanlens Australia 1966.
Red Bat trading card series in USA and UK.
44 card set.
Batman-A-Series-Trading-Cards_Scanlens-1966Scanlens_Batman-A-Series-Trading-Cards-1966  For Sale

singles   #11A   25A

condition of both p-good.
Batman Trading cards B Series.Scanlens Australia1966.
Blue Bat card series in England and USA.
44 card set.
no stock at present
Bat Laffs Trading cards.Scanlens Australia 1967.
44 card set.
Scanlens-Bat-Laffs_Trading-Cards_1967  Batt-Laffs-Trading-Cards-Scanlens-Sweets-1967
For Sale

singles  #4  37 51
Battlestar Galactica Trading cards.1978 Scanlens Australia.
144 cards.No Sticker issue.
Battlestar-Galactica_Scanlens-Trading-Cards-1978 Scanlens-Battlestar-Galactica-Trading-Cards-1978 In stock

singles              #   55 90 114 130 131 138
Buck Rogers In the 25th Century Trading Cards,Scanlens Australia 1979.
88 card set.No stickers released.
Buck-Rogers_Scanlens-Trading-Cards        Scanlens-Buck-Rodgers-Trading-Cards
               light back to cards
In Stock

singles               most in stock      various condition
 Choppers and Hot Bikes Trading Cards.Scanlens Australia 1976.
66 card set.
Scanlens-Choppers-and-Hot-Bikes-Trading-Cards Choppers-and-Hot-Bikes-Trading-Cards-Scanlens.jpg
In Stock
set  missing one card  most G,G+ VG

singles                    most in stock        various condition
Combat Trading Cards,Scanlens Australia 1963.
Series I cards # 1-66 series II from 67-132.
In Stock

series 1 singles
series 2 singles
Flags of the World.A+BC Gum England,released in Australia 1962.
This set is different to 1959 UK release.Backs different.Different numbering series.
Original issue of this series by Topps USA in 1956.
See below.
80 card set.
Small size,same as UK release.
Flags-of-the-World-Trading-Cards_A+BC-Gum_Australia-release-1962 Flags-of-the-World-trading-cards_A+BC-Gum-Issue-Australia-1962 Flags-of-the-World-Trading-Cards_A+BC-Gum-England-1959
 Fronts same.           Oz               UK
In Stock

singles Australian  #1 2 3 4 5 6 7  15 23 24 27 28 30 31 36

low grade G ish  but very rare.
Goonies Movie trading cards,Scanlens 1985 Australia.
86 card set.No stickers released.
Gremlins Movie Trading Cards,Scanlens Australia,1984 release.
82 card set.No stickers released
In Stock


Indiana Jones,Raiders of the Lost Ark Movie Trading Cards,Scanlens Australia.
Release date 1981.
88 card set. No Stickers.
In Stock
part set

singles condition most vg
Kiss Trading Cards Scanlens Australia.1978 Releases.
Series I cards # 1-66,series II from 67-132.
  Series III was reissue of 1st series but completely different issue.Different backs and fronts.
Kiss-Trading-Cards_Scanlens_1978-Series-I Scanlens-Kiss-Trading-Cards_1978-Series-I Series I and II In Stock Only.

singles            most in stock      various conditions

                                   many Vg -Ex
King Kong Movie,Scanlens Trading Cards,Australia 1976 release.
55 card set.
King-Kong-Movie-Trading-Cards_Scanlens-1976 Scanlens-King-Kong-Movie-Trading-Cards-1976 In Stock


#2 3 6 8  10 12 13 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 27
28 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 37 39 40 42 44 50 52 53
various conditions
Kung Fu Trading Cards,Scanlens Australia 1973.
60 card set.

Kung-Fu-Trading-Cards-Scanlens Scanlens-Kung-Fu-Trading-Cards
In Stock

Part Set


Good,Ex             enquire
Laugh-In Trading Cards Scanlens.Rowan and Martin 1967 Australia.
This series includes die cut cards also.
77 card set.
Laughin-Trading-Cards_Scanlens-1968 Laughin-Cards-Rowan-and-Martins_Scanlens-1968
In Stock
Part Set
singles most in stock most Vg - Ex
Man from UNCLE Trading Cards,Scanlens Australia 1965.
72   including die cut cards     
In Stock
part set

singles               most in stock        various condition 
MOD SQUAD Trading Cards.1968 printed on card, Scanlens Australia.
55 card set.
Scanlens-Mod-Squad-Trading-Cards-1968 Mod-Squad-Trading-Cards-1968-Scanlens
In Stock

                            single # 28  
Monkees Trading Cards,Scanlens Australia 1967.
44 black and white series.

Other issue available from 1990s in stock also.Enquire below at post box.

In Stock
Complete set       condition overall G+

                            part set

Monkees Trading Cards, Scanlens Australia 1967.
44 color cards
In Stock
part set

Mork and Mindy Trading Cards,Scanlens Australia 1980.
72 cards set.
In Stock


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Prices,mail details and payment options.
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Send your wants list.Will check our stock.
Please indicate  condition,grade
you require.
$10 Minimum this page.
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Neighbours Trading Cards,Scanlens Australia
Round Edged.
66 cards set.
In Stock
Set Nr Mint                 $35

Singles                         50c ea      nr mint uncirculated. 
Wrappers 2 different      in stock

Empty Box                     in stock
Partridge Family Trading Cards.Scanlens Australia 1971.
Yellow Series.
                                                           55 Card Set.    
Partridge-Family-Trading-Cards_Scanlens-Yellow-Series Scanlens-Partridge-Family-Trading-Cards_Yellow-Series-1971 In Stock

Singles            #2  5 (song)   6 11 18 23
Partridge Family Trading Cards.Scanlens Australia 1971.
Blue "A" Series.
 55 Card Set.
Partridge-Family-Trading-Cards-Scanlens-1971-A-Series Scanlens-Partridge-Family-A-Series-Trading-Cards In Stock

Singles          #4A 5A 7A 16A 18A 42A 47A 50A
Planet of the Apes Trading Cards.1975 Scanlens Australia.
Cards dated 1967 from initial release date of Movie.These are TV series cards.
66 cards set.
Planet-of-the-Apes-Trading-Cards-Scanlens Planet-of-the-Apes-Scanlens-1968
In Stock

singles    #14vg 18g 24g+
Popswops Trading Cards.1977 Scanlens Australia.
72 card set.
In Stock

Part set

Samurai Trading Cards.Scanlens 1964 Australia.
72 card set.
In Stock

singles.6 21 32 40 48 50 51 55 59 64 66 69
condition poor to VG+
Superman the Movie Trading Cards.Scanlens Australia 1978.
In Stock

singles    #2 8 12 13 15 33 49 53 63 68 71

condition G to  VG
Star Trek Original Series Trading Cards.Scanlens Australia 1976.
72 card set.
In Stock

#1 16 23 26 34 35 38 39 41 43 46 59 61 63 63 63  64

Condition Poor, Creased some have cnrs missing but...

StarWars Trading Cards.Scanlens Australia 1977.
72 card set. 
sold out!
Empire Strikes Back Trading Cards.Scanlens Australia 1980.
  132 card set.
33 stickers issued separately.
Only cards in stock,no stickers.
sold out!
Return Of The Jedi Trading Cards.Scanlens Australia 1983.
  132 card set.  
Sold out!
Pro Wrestling Stars.WF Wrestling Trading cards.Scanlens Australia 1986.
66 card set.
Pro-Wrestling-Stars-Cards-Scanlens_1986.jpg In Stock.

Part set


Note $10 minimum this page.1 card  $10 if that is all you need.

Below are some Rare Topps USA releases 1970's.
More Info      trading cards Home        Regina cards            Trading Cardslist        bazooka joe
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Prices,mail details and payment options.
Prompt reply.
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Old Topps,Donruss and Ftcc Trading Card Releases,Rare.
1970s listed below..

We have a big range of Vintage Topps,Donruss and FTCC Trading cards in stock,plus wrappers,display boxes and some Star Wars Topps trading card posters.Plus other Movie lobby style posters released by Topps.
More info soon.
CHiPs Trading Cards Donruss 1979 USA.
60 cards and 6 stickers.
California Highway Patrol.
in stock near mint,straight from box.
In stock fair to excellent.
Daktari trading cards 1966 Donruss USA.
66 card set.
In stock
Part set,most in VG condition!
Spec Sheet cards.Donruss USA.1965 Hot Rod Magazines,
 Cards numbered 1-66.Car specification series..
Kung Fu Trading Cards 1973 Topps USA.
60 card set.
Kung-Fu-Trading-Cards-Scanlens In Stock

Set! Condition Ex -Nr mint
Rock Stars Trading Cards.Donruss 1979 USA.
Village People cards 20 from a total of
66 card set.
A collection of Queen,The Babys,Village People and Kiss cards.
Village-People-Trading-Cards-Donruss-1979 In Stock

7 8 10 13 14 15 20 23 24 28 33 36 37 43 44 46 53 56 60

missing number 5
Wanted Stickers 1976 Topps on front.Topps USA release.
In Stock

Few Singles