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Basketball Inserts.
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Movie Trading Cards.
Card collectors searching for Movie Trading Cards from 1960s to late 1990s,find your way thru our huge list of the Major releases from Topps,Skybox and Proset in the USA,Scanlens Regina and Dynamic Marketing in Australia,Dart in Canada and Panini from Italy.
Cartoon releases as well as Action and Horror Movie Trading Cards From Alien to Jurassic Park can be found on this page,with cards available by the packet,set,single and special insert card.
Our movie trading cards pages have many Movie trading card prices and values.Locate our links to other Movie pages of interest such as Disney,TMNT,Batman,Star Wars and Star Trek cards.
Here you will find your Movie trading card supplies.Locate our card holder page for all your trading card sleeves and card protectors.
All Movie cards for sale from our trading card online shop.Enjoy your card collecting here.

Movie Trading Cards A to J.
All Cards Straight from box .No Traded Cards.
We are Updating page most cards in stock,set single and insert available.
Enquire at postbox below.
Ace Ventura Movie Trading Cards.Donruss USA 1995.
80 cards,10 Static Cling,9 Foils in hobby and 9 Foil Embossed in retail.1 promo. 
Adventures in Toonworld Movie Cards.Upper Deck 1993 USA.
90 cards,5 Hareo's,5 Hologram cards.1 large promo.
Addams Family Movie Trading Cards.Topps 1991 USA.
99 cards and 11 stickers.
Alien Movie Trading Cards.Topps 1979 USA.
84 cards and 22 stickers.
Alien and Aliens Movie Trading cards.
 Fright Flicks Movie cards by Topps 1988.Very under-rated set but includes many Horror Movie classics.This series had a number of cards from both Alien and Aliens Movie.Comedy type cards.
Aliens III Movie Trading Cards.Starline 1992 USA.
80 cards only.
Aliens V Predator Universe Trading cards.Non Movie.Topps 1995 USA.
72 cards,15 Art cards and 6 chromium.2 reg promos ,1 large promo.
Aladdin Collector Cards.Dynamic Marketing Trading cards 1993 Australia.
100 cards and 5 Gold cards.1 board mounted 55 card series,100 only.
Alladin Movie Trading Cards.Skybox 1993 USA.
90 cards,3 Spectre.2 promos.
Aladdin Movie Movie stickers.Pannini 1993 USA.
100 stickers,10 color in activity stickers.
Baby Movie Cards.Topps 1984 USA.
66 cards and 11 stickers.
Back to the Future II Movie Cards.Topps 1989 USA.
88 cards and 11 stickers.

Barbwire Movie Trading Cards.Pamela Anderson.Topps 1996 USA.
72 cards,12Embossed,4 Laser cut.3 promos.    
Batman Movie Trading Cards.
For All Batman Movie Cards
Visit Batman Trading Cards.
Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure Cards.Proset 1991 USA.
100 cards plus instant win offer card.1 promo card.
Black Hole Movie Photo Cards.Topps 1979.USA.
88 cards and 22 Stickers.
Buck Rogers Trading Cards,scanlens trading cards 1979 Australia.
88 cards only.

Buck Rogers Movie Trading Cards.Topps 1979 USA.
88 cards and 22 stickers.Sales Sheet.
Casper Movie Cards.1995 Fleer Ultra USA.Fleer cards were unstamped.
119 cards,15 Prismatic,15 spectre and 4 Holograms.9 card uncut promo.
1 Error card Ultra MTV on back of card.

Cinderella Movie Trading Cards.Skybox 1995 USA.
90 cards,9activity,12 Pop ups,5 Dufex,2 Transformation Cards.2 promos.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Movie Trading cards.Topps 1982 USA.
66 cards and 11Stickers.
Coneheads Movie Trading Cards.Topps 1993 USA.
66 cards set.
Congo the Movie Trading Cards.Upper Deck 1995 USA.
90 cards 6 action foils.2 promos. 
Congo-The-Movie-Trading-Cards_Upper-Deck Set Cards $7.50

Singles 25c

Inserts Enquire.
Crow Movie Trading Cards.Kitchen Sink 1994 USA.
    100 cards,10 Vision,6 Crowmium cards.8 promos.   
Crow Movie,City Of Angels Trading Cards.Kitchen Sink 1997 USA.
              90 cards plus 10 Tattoos.10 Embossed,6 Crowmium,
1 Ultra Chase Art Print Redemption.5 promos.
Dick Tracey Movie Cards.1990 Dandy Trading cards Australia.
88 Cards.
Different card set to Topps.
Dick Tracy Movie Trading Cards.Topps 1990 USA.
88 cards and 11 stickers.
Dracula Movie Cards.Bram Stokers.Topps 1992 USA.
90 cards only.Becoming very rare!
2 regular promos.Promos issued in Comic issues also.
Dracula-Bram-Stokers-Movie-Cards_Topps Set In stock

Singles enquire.
Demolition Man Movie Cards.Skybox 1993 USA.
100 cards and 4 Foils.
Dune Movie Photo Cards.Fleer 1984 USA.
132 cards and 44 Stickers.
Fern Gully trading cards.Dart 1992 Canada.
100  cards.2 Promos.
Fievel Goes West Movie Trading Cards.Impel 1992 USA.
150 Cards and 5 Holograms.3 promos.
Flintstones Movie Collector Cards.Topps 1994 USA.
88 card,11stickers + 4 Foils.3 promos.
Flintstones Movie Collector Cards.1994 Dynamic Marketing Australia.
Visit Dynamic Marketing Trading Cards
110 cards and 5 Etch,plus "Bones"!
Flipper Movie Trading Cards. Donruss 1996 USA.
90 Card set.
Fright Flicks Movie Cards.Topps 1988 USA.
90 cards and 11Stickers.
This series was the only way you could find cards from Aliens and Aliens Predator plus others.
Very underated set for Horror Fans.

Frighteners Movie Cards.Dart 1996 Canada.
72 cards,6 foils and 4 large box cards.1 Tall Boy Mail in Offer card.4 promos.
Gargoyles Movie Cards.Skybox 1995 USA.
90 cards,10 Pop ups,4 Double sided Spectre.
9 Foils replace pop ups in Jumbo Packs
1 Redemption card for Skymotion card.
1 Redemption card for Gargoyles Video.
1 promo.
Puzzle cards printed Twice.Images reversed on some issues.
Ghostbusters II Movie cards. Regina Trading Cards 1990 Australia.
88 card set only.1 box poster.
This series has white backs,creamy white and white in same packets.Technically you could make 2 sets,as the backs were of different stock.
Topps series has dark backs.
No Stickers issued.
Ghost-Busters-II-Movie-Cards-Regina In Stock

Card set
single cards
MT box
Box Poster!
Ghostbusters II Movie Cards.Topps 1989 USA.
88 cards and 11Stickers.1 box poster.
GOLDEN EYE 007 see James Bond below.
Gone With the Wind Movie Cards.Duo Cards 1996 USA.
90 cards,6 chrome,1 Talking Card and Redemption Card.Album.
4 promos issued 2 recalled.
Incorrectly advertised "For the First time...Gone with the"They weren't.
First issue was the 1948 UK release by a Hair Grips Manufacturer.
Large 20 card set.
 Stocked original set in 1990.
Goonies Movie Photo Cards.Topps 1985 USA.
86 cards and 15 stickers.
Grease II Movie Cards.Topps 1978 USA.
66 cards and 11 Stickers.
Gremlins Movie Photo Cards.SCANLENS TRADING CARDS 1984 Australia.
82 Cards only.
Gremlins Movie Photo Cards.Topps 1984 USA.
82 cards and 11stickers.
Heavy Metal Movie Cards and More.Comic Images 1995 USA.
90 Cards,6 Cromium,3 Calender,Autograph Card,Box Card #0,Album and 1 promo.
Hammer House of Horror Movie Cards.1995 Cornerstone USA.
81 cards plus both versions of cards  79 and 80.6 Cryptic Art.
Cornerstone IT 1 card.Album.4 promo cards.
Hammer house of Horror Series II Movie Cards.Cornerstone 1997 USA.
81 cards,6 Foils Hammer that Never Was,Monster Motion Redemption Card,Lenticular Motion card and Order card.
6 autographed cards.
Cornerstone IT5 Card and 7 promos. 
Hellraiser Movie Cards.Eclipse 1992 USA.
110 cards and 2 silver holograms,2 gold holograms.Autograph card and Album.
Hollywood Walk of Fame Trading Cards.Starline 1992 USA.
250 cards.8 promos.
The following cards contained errors were reissued,

Hook Movie Cards and Stickers.Topps 1991 USA.
99 cards and 11 Stickers.
Hook-Movie-Cards-and-Stickers-Topps Set Cards $5

Singles 20c

Sticker Set $5
Home Alone II Movie Trading Cards.Topps 1993 USA.
66 cards 11stickers.

Hunchback of Notre Dame Movie Cards.Skybox 1996 USA.Hobby Series.
101 cards plus offer card,35 Jesters Challenge,6 Iron Ons and 2 Motion cards.
1 X 3D mail in Motion card.Album.6 card uncut promo and Target promo.   
Its a Wonderful Life Movie Cards.Collectacard 1996 USA.
72 cards,6 Chrome,1 Talking Card and redemption Card.Album and 3 Promos.
Sales Sheet in stock.
Independance Day Movie Trading Cards.ID4.Topps 1996 USA.
72 cards and 6 foils.3 promos.
Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark.Scanlens Trading Cards 1981 Australia.   
88 card set.
Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark.Topps 1981 USA.
88  card set.Sales Sheet.
Indiana Jones Temple of Doom.Topps 1984 USA.
88 cards and 11 stickers.
 James Bond Movie Trading Cards.
For All  the Movies Visit  
James Bond Trading Cards
Jason Goes to Hell Movie Cards.Eclipse 1993 USA.
110 cards and  2 Holograms.
Jaws  II Movie Photo Cards.Topps 1978 USA.
59 cards and 11 Stickers.
Jaws 3D Movie Cards.Topps 1983 USA.
44 Cards.1X 3D Viewer.
Judge Dread Movie Collector Cards.Edge 1995 USA.
82 cards,9 Silver Brit Babes,9 Prism Brit Babes,
4 Acetate,9 Video Game Tips,9 Sleep of the Just.3 Promos.
Judge-Dread-The-Movie-Collector-Cards_Edge-Entertainment In Stock

Set Cards


Sleep of the Just
#10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Jumanji Movie trading Cards.Skybox 1995 USA.
    90 cards,6 Disappearing Ink,4 Holograms.2 Promos.        
Jurassic Park Movie Cards.Topps 1992 USA.
88 cards,11 stickers and 4 Holograms.Promos Various.

In stock
19 packs

Set Cards


Stickers Set

Jurassic Park series II Movie Cards.Topps 1993 USA.
89-154 Cards,11 stickers and 4 Holograms.Different Numbering to series I.1 promo.
jurassic-park-series-2_Topps In stock

Single cards only
Jurrasic Park Movie Cards.Gold.Topps 1993 USA.
88 cards and 10 Gold cards.
4 holograms same as series I and II but different numbering.
3 promos.
Jurassic-Park_Gold_Trading-Cards In stock
Jurassic Park Movie Trading Cards.Topps 1993 UK.
   88 small cards and 11 small stickers.        
In stock

Jurassic Park Movie Collector Cards.Dynamic Marketing Trading Cards Australia.
110 cards,5 Prisms,5 Pop outs and ? Bones cards.
Jurassic-Park_Dynamic-Movie-Collector-Cards In stock

Set of Cards
Jurassic Park Movie Cards.Select Trading Cards 1993 Australia.
109 cards,10 Gold and 10 Puzzle cards.
Original 85c packs.  
Jurassic-Park_Trading-Cards_Select-1993-Australia In stock

Set of Cards
Jurassic Park Lost World Movie Cards.Topps 1997 USA.
72 cards and 11 stickers.1 embossed promo card.
Jurassic-Park_Lost-World In stock
6 packs
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