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Movie Trading Cards.
The more unusual Movie trading card releases are to be found here including Loaded Weapon By Eclipse,Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the often overlooked Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenniger.
Some of the Blockbuster hits including Lion King,Saturday Night Fever and Toy Story were immortalised by the popular releases from Skybox and Donruss.
Action Movies with Sylvester Stallone in Rocky II,IV and Demolition Man.
For the Disney collector we have the Snow White and Cinderella Movie Trading Cards from Skybox.
All Movie trading cards available from our trading cards shop online.Movie card collectors enjoy your visit.

Movie Trading Cards K to Z.
Most cards available by the set,single and insert card.
King Kong Movie trading cards.Scanlens trading cards Australia.
55 card set
Last Action Hero Movie Trading Cards.Topps 1993 USA.
88 cards,11 stickers and 4 Foil cards..
Last-Action-Hero-Movie-Cards_Topps Card Set


Sticker Set

Lion King Movie Trading Cards.Skybox1994 USA.
90 cards,9 Foils,5 Pop ups and 2 Lenticular cards.
5 Color in cards Walmart issue.
5 Promos plus 9 card uncut sheet.Album.
Lion King Factory Tin.Skybox 1994 USA.
50 widevision cards.
Lion King Series II Trading Cards.Skybox 1994 USA.
80 cards plus Lion King Title Card,9 Thermographic,5 Pop ups and 2 Foil Border cards.
5 activity cards Walmart release.
1 USA promo,6 Australian Promos.  
Little Mermaid Movie Cards.Proset 1991 USA.
      90 cards,7 Stick Ems,15 Activity,15 Stand up cards.Album.
Little Mermaid Movie Cards Factory Set.Proset 1992 USA.
90 cards,7 Stick Ems,15 Activity,15 Stand up cards and 6 Sponge cards.
National Lampoons,Loaded Weapon I Trading Cards.Eclipse 1993 USA.
110 card set.1 promo card.
Mario Brothers Movie Photo Cards.Skybox 1993 USA.
100 cards and 4 Hologram cards.
Mario Brothers Movie Trading Cards.Dynamic Marketing 1993 Australia.
100 cards and 7 Prism cards.
Mars Attacks Movie Trading Cards.Topps 1996 USA.
72 widevision cards and 6 Foil.  
We also stock the Mars Attacks trading card issue by Topps 1994 and the 5"x 7" Blow Ups.
Mask Movie Trading Cards.Cardz 1994 USA.
100 cards and 10 Techrome cards.2 promos and 2 prom postcards.
Maverick Movie Trading Cards.Cardz 1994 USA.
60 cards and 3 Tekrome.3 promos.
Minnie and Me Trading Cards.Impel 1992 USA.
160 card set.1 offer card.5 Promos.
Monty Python and Holy Grail Movie Cards.Cornerstone 1996 USA.       
                 72cards plus offer card.5 plus Patsy Knight cards and Holy Grail Card.
7 Promos.
Moonraker Movie Trading Cards.007.
 see James Bond Trading Cards
Mortal Combat Movie Trading Cards.Skybox 1995 USA.
90 cards,4 Red Foil Kombat and 3 Gold Foil Warrior Champions cards.
7 promos.
Nightmare Before Xmas Movie Trading Cards.Skybox 1993 USA.
100 cards,4 Spectra cards.1 promo.
Pagemaster Movie Trading Cards.Skybox 1994 USA.
   90 cards and 9 Foils.1 promo.
Phantom Movie Trading Cards.Inkworks 1996 USA.
Visit Phantom trading cards
for all Phantom Cards.

Pinocchio Movie Trading Cards.1996 Inkworks USA.
90 cards and offer card $5,9 puzzle,3 foil,2 Lenticular and Winner card.
Sales sheet in stock.
Pocahontas Movie Trading Cards.Skybox 1995 USA.
90 cards,12 Pop out ,5 x 3D,5 Dufex and 2 Animation cards.
2 pop out cards in "Canoe" issue.S1 V1.
Album.1 reg Promo.9 card uncut promo.6 set type promos.
Pocahontas Movie Factory Set.Skybox 1995 USA.
50 cards and 3D Card.
Power Rangers Movie trading cards.Fleer Ultra 1995 USA.
Visit Power Rangers Trading Cards
       for all Power Ranger trading cards.         
Rambo II Movie Trading Cards.Topps 1985 USA.
    66 cards and 22 Stickers.
Relic Movie Trading Cards.1996  Donruss USA.
Sales Sheet only available.
Return to Oz Movie Trading Card Set.Total Oil 1985 U.K.
Card and Album Set.
Robin Hood Movie Photo Cards.Topps 1991 USA.
55 cards and 9 stickers.

Robin Hood  Movie Photo Cards.Topps 1991 USA.
88 cards and 9 Stickers. ERROR/test issue.
Note:Make Sure Right Set For Above.Movie was cut at editing!
Robo Cop II Movie trading cards.Regina 1990 Australia.
88 cards only.
Visit Regina Trading Cards

Robo Cop II Movie Cards,Factory issue.Topps 1990 USA.
88 cards and 22 Behind the Scenes Cards.
Rocky II Movie Photo Cards.Topps 1981 USA.
99 cards and 22 stickers.
Rocky IV Movie Photo Cards.Topps 1991 USA.
66 cards and 11 stickers.
Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Cards.FTCC 1980 USA.
60 cards.
20 years of the Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Cards.1995 Comic Images USA.
90 cards,2-3 Sweet Transvestite cards and 3-3 Janet and Brad cards,1Medallion card.
Rocketeer Movie Cards.Topps 1991 USA.
99 cards and 11 stickers.
Roger Rabbit Movie photo cards.Topps 1988 USA.
132 cards and 22 stickers.
Saturday Night Fever movie cards.Donruss 1977 USA.
66 card set.

In Stock.
Scream Queens B Grade Movie Girls.1993 FTCC USA.
No Stock.
Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Movie Bubble Gum Cards.Donruss 1978 USA                66 card set.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Movie Trading Cards.Skybox 1993 USA.
90 cards and 4 Spectra cards.Album.   

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Series II Movie Cards.Skybox 1994 USA.
90 cards and 9 Foils.1Promo.
Space Jam Movie Trading Cards.Upper Deck 1996 USA.
60 cards,30 Flip,9 Space Jam Scratchers,10 Tune squad,4 Animated 3D cards.
1 Large Promo.
Spawn Movie Trading Cards.Inkworks 1997 USA.      
 81 cards,1 offer card,9 Comic to Film,4 Spawn Revealed and 1 Devils Own.
Autograph Card.Album and 6 promos.
Species Movie Trading Cards.Comic Images 1995 USA.
90 cards,6 Chrome,3-3 and 1 Medallion card.
Album with 9 card uncut.1 promo and 6 card uncut.
Stargate Movie cards.Collectacard 1995 USA.
100 cards,12 game,12 Adventure,8 Chracter,8 Game tips,
3 card mail in redemption.6 promos.
Star Trek Movie Trading Cards.
For all Star Trek Movie Cards Visit
Star Trek Trading Cards
Star Wars Movie Trading Cards.
For all Star Wars Movie Cards Visit
Star Wars Trading Cards
Street Fighter Movie Cards.Upper Deck 1994 USA.
90 cards and 10 Chromium cards.Van Damme Lithograph Card.
AN1 Animation card.3 promos.
Supergirl Movie Stickers.Topps 1984 USA.
44 Sticker set.
Superman Movie Cards.
For all Superman Movie
Cards visit
Superman Trading Cards
Tank Girl Movie Trading Cards.Comic Images 1995 USA.
90 cards,6 chrome,3-3,Medallion,Autograph card.
6 card uncut Case Card.Album and 2 promos.
Terminator II Movie Trading Cards.Impel 1991 USA.
150 cards and 10 offer cards
Terminator II Movie Stickers.Topps 1991 USA.
44 Stickers.
Terminator II Movie Stickers.Topps 1991 U.K.
44 small stickers.
Three Musketeers Movie Trading Cards.Skybox 1994 USA.
    90 card set,4 Foils,3 Spectra embossed and 1 promo.
Total Recall Movie Trading Cards Collector Set.Factory Set.
Pacific Trading 1990 USA.
110 cards Official Mars Souvenir (rock) Space Shuttle Ticket to Mars,Martian Money.

Toy Story Movie Trading Cards.Skybox 1995 USA.
90 Cards,8 Badge Sticker Cards,9 Embossed Foils,2x3D cards,1 uncut "Punch Out" Card.
Twister Movie Trading Cards.Donruss 1996 USA.
92 cards and 9 Foils
Twister-Movie-Trading-Cards_Donruss Card Set


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie Cards.For all TMNT movie cards visit
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trading Cards
Universal Monsters Illustrated Trading Cards.Topps 1994 USA.
100 cards,10 Monster Chrome,4 Horror Glow and Box Poster.4 Promos.
Universal Monsters of the Silver Screen Trading Cards.Kitchen Sink 1996 USA.
90  cards,10 stickers,12 Bio Chrome.
Ultra Chase redemption card for uncut 90 card sheet.
6 promos,numbered.Sales sheet.
Waterworld Movie Trading Cards.Fleer Ultra 1995 USA.
    150 cards,6 Double Foils,6 Prismatic foils,6 Holograms.Uncut 4 promo card.
Wizard of Oz card and book set Total Oil UK 1985.

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