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Jurassic Park Trading Cards Select Australia 1993.
Jurassic Park trading cards Select Australia 1993.These Australian cards are thought to be the rarest of the Jurassic Park releases around the World during 1993 as they were restricted release in Australia,and due to there being no insert cards,few collectors bothered with them.
During the 1990s we dealt with all the USA and Australian releases,and we never supplied outside customers with singles.Safe to assume that they were limited release.
We classified them at the time as the "Aussie Red Box" release,with the Dynamic Marketing Jurassic Park release as the "Black Box".
Hope this has cleared up the mystery of the missing collection.
Read to the end to discover an unusual possibility.
Jurassic Park Select cards are presently not for sale.

Jurassic Park trading cards Select Australia 1993.
109 card set includes 10 Gold Art Cards and 10 Dinosaur Puzzle cards,with no inserts of any sort!
Jurassic Park Collectors Album Strictly Limited Edition was a mail away offer for $19.95 and came with 12 plastic sheets to hold the set.
12 x 9 so not quite enough sheets! 

The original box and packet.
7 cards for 85c had to complete with
Jurassic Park Dynamic Marketing,that sold for 95c but contained insert cards.
Little wonder collectors ignored them.

Title Cards side by side.
Title cards,right hand side is the Select version.
The left hand border of the Select card is deeper colored.

Jurassic Park title cards rear.
Topps released an 88 card set,Select released a 109 card set
which included the 10 Gold Art Cards and 10 Dinosaur Puzzle Cards or the Topps sticker series of 9 plus a title card,card 99,see below.

Jurassic Park Gold Art Card.
Jurassic Park Puzzle Title Card.
Jurassic Park Puzzle Card.
Gold Card Rear.
Puzzle Title Rear.
Puzzle card rear.
Rear Views of Jurassic cards above.

Thanks for making it this far.So what about the rivals that became allies?
The Topps set can be clearly seen to be thicker card stock than the Select set on the right.,even though the Select set contains 21 more cards!
The Jurassic Park Select set is very flimsy and thin and has a high gloss finish.Its almost like someone called Dynamic Marketing produced the cards!Evidence?Nil.But Dynamic Marketing produced an entirely different set to Select,so were they rivals or allies?
If you can help,drop us a line below at the postbox.
Topps-Select-set_side-by-side Topps set stacked against the Select set on the right.

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