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Intrepid Trading Cards.
Intrepid Trading Cards formed from the remnants of Dynamic Marketing and Printing Pty Ltd in 1996/7.
The earliest releases from Intrepid were the Cyberforce,and Pitt Trading Cards.Both Pitt and Cyberforce were planned for release by Dynamic Marketing.Posters advertising these releases were promoted by Dynamic in the Cardinal Magazine in 1995.
1996 was a busy year for the new Intrepid Trading Cards Australia as Phantom Gallery Limited Edition Collector Card Series was issued with Signature chase cards.
X Files Contact Trading Cards followed in 1996 with the huge success of the TV Series and Topps Trading Card releases Worldwide.
Pride of the Nation,Australian Olympic Trading Cards Series celebrated the Sportsmen and Women that would represent the Aussies in Atlanta USA.
Blitz Tennis and Bring It On Tennis Trading Cards were released in 1996-7,containing no less than 4 Autograph cards in their first issue.
Intrepid trading cards available for sale from our trading card store online.Enjoy.


Cyberforce Trading Cards.May 1996 Intrepid cards,Australia.
Including Art by Marc Silvestri.
90 card set,plus
6 Cyberforce Duo's,Red Hot,
9 Swimsuit Puzzle Creator series,
3 Overheat cards,
1 sales sheet.

Phantom Gallery Limited Edition Collector Card Series.1996 Intrepid trading cards,Australia.
  100 cards,9 Legends,6 Year One,
3 Past Present Future cards and Signature Cards.
Visit Phantom cards
Phantom-Gallery-Limited-Edition-Collector-Card-Series Pack


Single       50c

9 Legends
6 Year One,

3 Past Present Future



MT Box

Pitt Trading Cards.1996 Intrepid Cards Australia.
            100 cards,9 ACH,9AC,6H,3S  and 1Megamotion card.

X-Files Contact Trading Card Series.1996 Intrepid Cards Australia.
Contact the X Files Trading Card Series.
90 Cards,9 Alien Visitation cards,3 Colony cel acetates,Blue cel Acetate Card.
. X-Files_Trading-Cards-Series-image 90 Cards Set    Sold

singles               50c

9 Alien Visitation cards

3 Colony cel acetates,

Blue cel Acetate Card.


MT Box 

Intrepid Trading Cards.Australian Sports.

Pride of the Nation.Australian Olympic Trading Cards Series.1996 Intrepid Trading Cards Australia,
100 cards,Record Breakers,Aussie Heroes,Autographs and Sales Sheet.
Pride-of-the-Nation_Australian-Olympic-Trading-Card-Series 100 card set


record breakers

Aussie Heroes



MT Box

Blitz Tennis Trading Cards.1996 Intrepid cards Australia.
100 card set,18 Victory cards,5 Acetate Rating One cards,4 Autograph Redemptions.

Bring It On Tennis Trading Cards.1997 Intrepid cards,Australia.
100 card set,9 Victory cards,5 Acetate cards.

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