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How To Protect Your Trading Cards.
You have your new trading card collection.Maybe some free advice on how to protect your trading cards.
Want to compare mint cards with lower grade cards?Simply put 50 mint cards together then add the poor quality ones in between.Poor quality trading cards will stand out as dirty or wider as they are worn or handled more.
If kept out of sunlight,cards will be white and bright.So now you can see those that are lower standard,quickly.Please read on for more help with How To Protect Your Trading Cards.
There are many different types of trading cards,why not visit our page later.
Trading card sleeves destroyed
How to avoid a trading card disaster.

1.Keep out of sunlight or strong light.

Cards will maintain their white edges,if kept out of  damaging sunlight.When checking cards, check the fronts for scratches on the gloss and ensure four square corners.Do not forget to put them together and finally check for white, clean edges.

2.Use top quality pages.

BCW,Ultra Pro and PKK are the ones I recommend and use continuously.Cigarette cards and Post cards I recommend only one type.Archival clear.Several types on the market over the last 30 years.If flimsy and bend easily,can eventually break down onto the card itself. Suggest you check.Archival clear tend to be stiffer in their construction.

Update:Check your cards regularly.Every year.You will be amazed at how many have been damaged beyond repair and the owners are not aware.!

3.Cool dry conditions are the ideal conditions for any paper products.

Check old books and magazines exposed to humid damp conditions.They have discolored edges.To preserve books or Trading cards to their limit,wrap in acid free paper.Art suppliers normally stock this type of paper.Trading card cardboard boxes are another excellent alternative.They are specially made to preserve.Dont use normal cardboard unless you check every year.

4.Update.Check your album sleeves for "wet look"inside the card sleeve.

The following advice may save you hundreds,if not thousands.Check that the old,or even new card sleeves are not showing a wet look around the card.This wet look isnt a pretty addition to your card collection.It is breaking down,deteriorating.The sleeve is reaching its final life expectancy.Take the card out,you will find damage to the gloss finish were the wet look appeared.
On first sign of this wet look get the entire set out quick,or you may lose the lot.
This applies to 6 pocket,9 pocket and similar,of all brands.

5.Update.Check single sleeve covers for warping.

Those single card holders,the soft sleeve variety,that we put around our card collection to preserve our cards in the 1990s may well be showing signs of warping.If this occurs you will be left with ugly lines down the card were the warping has moved away from the card.
I used to place my cards in individual sleeves and then insert them into 9 pocket sleeves.Unfortuately not all 9 pocket sleeves are made equal.Some are slightly smaller than others,width wise,and this creates warping over time,as the sleeve deteriorates.

If uncertain which card holders I am referring to checkout link below and look for "soft sleeves".

Should you require a Card Holder for your collection......

Warnings.What to watch out for.
In the 1990s,in Australia,albums where released to store Scanlens AFL and Regina Rugby League sets.The quality of the plastic sleeves,was diabolical.Simply smell them up close.Not very pretty.

I have seen many sets ruined during the 1990s.So imagine what they are like now!Go check them now!As a collectors item they are very rare and valuable.I warned many of our customers in the 1990s when I became aware of the problem.Hopefully they will benefit now with increased values on the cards and albums.

Other albums that suffered the same fate where the early Dynamic Marketing Trading Cards albums.Disney Classic album was a great design but.....smell the plastic!Mario Brothers and Disney Adventures suffered a similar fate.They are still valuable as collectors items.Some are beginning to ripple or warp on the front or back.Well if you throw them away.......

Coatings and laminates used during the 1990s has led to certain series Trading cards,sticking together.If you have experienced this please let me know by email,I will try to update the info in a later release.If cards are in sleeves they are "normally" ok,but some can break down inside the sleeve.Suggest you start looking through those old treasures and weed out the bad.Look for a wet look on the card.

Disney Classics Dynamic Marketing Album inside
Just to illustrate what can happen with early Dynamic Marketing Trading Card Albums,above.
Albums are still highly collectable.Pages can be replaced,but what about the cards?

tazoalbum tazoalbum
A Tazo album above that had been standing up...vertical.The pog pages have deteriorated and begun to bend the paper pages.
Again the pog pages can be replaced,so Ive now put the album horizontal to allow the pages to straighten naturally.
With both illustrated examples its your choice to throw the pages away,but I know which one I'd be looking for.
The one with both new and old pages.


Welcome back to regular visitors to this page.Hopefully by now,it will slowly be becoming obvious that nothing lasts forever!Above you will find some deteriorating plastic sleeves,new in 1992.17 years later....they are beginning to damage the cards within them.

The point is this.There will not be enough high quality cards on offer when,not if,trading card collecting becomes widely popular again.

Sadly we are in the middle of a recession again.When things improve....... I have enquiries every day with collectors wishing to sell.My advice....hold on.Surely you will achieve a better price when things improve and even more cards have bitten the dust.

Been preserving your Trading cards in plastic boxes or cardboard boxes?

Laid your cards horizontally not vertically?

Well those cards from 93 onwards have gloss finishes that dont last too well.They will effectively glue themselves together.Thats another few thousand sets etc that will be eliminated from the market in years to come.If your selling your collection keep this in mind!Although I recommend the use of plastic and cardboard(what else is there?) the collector should remain vigilant.
Thanks for visiting........please check us out on your next visit.
A Card holder to suit all types of  collections.....
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