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Hoops Basketball Cards 1993-94.
Hoops basketball cards 1993-94 series I and II.Set of  300 series I basketball cards and 121 series II.There is a Parallel Gold 5th Anniversary set.
Series I inserts included Davids Best set of 5 and the Hoops Face to Face cards.A Draft Redemption Exchange Card for a set of 11 cards was one of the most in demand cards of Hoops Basketball Cards 1993-94.
Hoops series II inserts included a complete set of 28 Scoops cards,also available as Gold Parallel.Hoops Admirals Choice cards,Magics All Rookies,a repeat of the 92/3 specials and the Supreme Court special cards.
A David Robinson Commemorative card DR1 plus the Magic/Bird Card MB1,were other in demand cards.Autograph cards of both  Robinson and Magic/Bird were available as redemption cards.
All Hoops 93-4 NBA cards for sale from our trading card online store.
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Series I set 300  $15  in stock
Series II set 121  $5 in stock
All cards straight from the box.Not traded.

Most singles in stock.
$10 min order on singles.

In Stock MBI
In Stock DRI

Hoops 1993-94
Series I and II 5th Anniversary,Gold.
 In Stock # Large selection.

Hoops 1993-94 Admiral's Choice

In Stock # 2 3 4 5 

Hoops 1993-94 Draft Redemption

In Stock # Enquire

Hoops 1993-94 Face to Face

In Stock # 7

Hoops 1993-94 Magic's All-Rookies

In Stock # 9 10

Hoops 1993-94 Supreme Court

In Stock # 1 3 8 9 10

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All cards straight from the box.Not traded.
$10 min order on singles and inserts.
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