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Garfield Trading Cards.
Garfield,a family favourite since 1978 and Cartoon TV Star.Old Garfield trading cards becoming harder to find today.The early Garfield Collector Cards Premier Edition 1992 still in stock.Deep holograms were the bonus inserts that when combined spells "Garfield".
Garfield trading cards took a leap forward with the gloss Krome Productions issue of Garfield Trading Cards in 1996.Later in the year Garfield Chromium trading cards were released with great glow in the dark inserts.
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Garfield Collector Cards.1992 Skybox USA.
100 cards,9 tattoos,5 hologram inserts  
                                           Hologram set spells "Garfield"                                                 

Pack             $3
100 cards      $29

singles    50c

9 tattoos    $4.50

single $1

holograms.   $10ea

wrapper   50c

Garfield Trading Cards.1996 Krome USA.
90 cards,9 chrome inserts. 
Pack            $3.50
90 cards      $29

Singles         50c

 chrome inserts. call

Wrapper      50c

Garfield All Chrome Trading Cards.1996 Krome USA.
  90 cards,3 GC,3 glow in dark.  

90 cards    $45

Singles         75c

 GC              call

 glow in dark.  call


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