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Garbage Gang Cards.
Originally released by Topps USA as the Garbage Pail Kids in 1985.Garbage Gang Cards,or Garbage Gang Stickers,were released in 1989.Regina cards in Australia and Allens Regina in New Zealand were the producers.The top title box was straight for Australian issues,curved for NZ.
A total of 4 series were released as a rebellion against the Cabbage Patch Kids.
Our Garbage Gang page,has trading card prices and values displayed.Find your vintage Garbage Gang card supplies and missing cards.Locate our card holder page for all your trading card sleeves and card protectors
Gruesome designs and crazy names were a hit with youngsters and card collectors alike.
 Different backs to the cards or stickers called variations exist for all four series.
Old Garbage Gang Cards,sets,singles,wrappers and original display boxes for sale.Series 1,2,3 and 4 in stock.All Garbage Gang cards for sale from our trading card online store.
Card collectors enjoy your visit.

Garbage Gang Trading Cards.1st series.Regina Cards 1989 Australia.
82 card standard set.Cards numbered from 1-41.
50 variations.132 cards total.

Display Box.
  No unopened boxes or packs for sale!

Standard Set
 a and b Total 82 cards

                  Nr Mint cards in stock now!               
Part set in stock 55 different of 82 enquire.Nr Mint.

Part set variation  approx 80 different Nr Mint              
Singles        Most in stock          Nr Mint           enquire
Wrapper                          Free with near set
                           Wrappers for sale,limited number.                 
Empty Box                       Ex cond       Available.

Garbage Gang Trading Cards.2nd series.Regina trading cards Australia 1989.
84 card standard set.Cards numbered from 42-83
46 variations.130 cards total.

Display Box.
  No unopened boxes or packs for sale!

 Standard Part Set In Stock,a and b Total 69 of 84 cards set.
 Above is Traded set.Most ex-nr mint    enquire

Standard Part set in Stock 76 of 84 cards.Nr Mint

Singles        Most in stock         Nr   Mint     enquire

Singles         in stock VG to Ex grades          available. 


Garbage Gang Trading Cards.3rd series.1989 Regina cards of Australia.
82 card standard set.Cards numbered from 84-124
35 variations.117 cards total.
Garbage Gang Variation set includes all the different backs for each card.

No unopened boxes or packs for sale!
Standard Set in stock,81 of 82 cards.Nr Mint.  

Variation set,missing few cards.Nr Mint
Singles         most in stock   Nr Mint $1.50 Each                                                                      
Wrapper          Free with set
                     Wrappers for sale,limited number.                     
                       Empty display box for sale.          

Garbage Gang Trading Cards.4th series.Regina cards of Australia 1990.
84 card standard set.Cards numbered from 125-166.
Variations 48.132 card Total.
No unopened boxes or packs for sale!

In stock.
Nr mint single cards in stock now!

  Part set 68 different of 84 card set in stock.Nr mint.


VG to Ex grades also available at lower price.

Variation set includes every card and every different back.

 Garbage Gang Card Collectors Album.Display only!

Thank you all for your interest,but not for sale.

           Below,Traded Cards Top.              
Nr Mint Cards Below.
Nr Mint set left.
Traded set Right.


Nr mint
White edged cards,clean,handled rarely.
The condition of the Garbage Gang cards has a big influence on the price.
Rounded or scuffed cards retain little value

Please note...Common set refers to 82 or 84 different cards or stickers.

Single variations are available.If you require certain backs happy to check.

Nr Mint cards have been graded,inspected at least 4 times.4 sharp corners,no scratches,finger prints or dings.White edges see box display above.
                For checklists visit   Garbage Pail Kids

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