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Basketball Inserts.
Fleer Basketball Cards 1993-1994
Fleer Basketball Cards 1994-1995
Fleer Basketball cards 1995-1996
Hoops Basketball Cards 1993-1994

 Football Trading Cards.
Football Trading Cards from around the World.We cover Soccer,Rugby League,AFL,NRL and NFL Trading Cards.Football cigarette cards are covered with some rare and unusual issues.Soccer,sweet cigarette trading cards in stock.
Vintage Association Football at its best from the 1920's and 30's to the greats of the 50's,60's and 70's
Best,Charlton and Keegan to name a few of the gifted.Maldini,Rudd Gullit and the 1994 World Cup.1990s English and Australian Soccer covered.Football cards of Brian Clough,and who would have thought they would have put this guy on an old Football Trading Card?All Football,soccer cards for sale from our trading cards online store,plus books available for  clubs like Arsenal,Liverpool,Spurs,Leeds,Celtic and a team in Manchester.Enjoy your visit.....
Vinny Jones.

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Football,soccer trading card boxes,sets,packets and cigarette cards for sale.

1990-91 Highlights,Football Trading Cards.Official Fixture Cards.
(Arsenal won League/Tottenham won FA Cup)

Unopened Box         $15                         48 Packs

Unopened Pack       $1

100 card set  only    $7.50 includes wrapper

Single                         25c +

Brian Clough(manager card) $2

Official Pro Set Player Cards,1991-92 part I.Football Trading Cards.

Unopened Box     $25 

Unopened Pack     $1

230 cards,complete set for above  $19  includes wrapper

 Set includes Vinny Jones $5,Kevin Keegan, George Best,Bobby Charlton,$2 each

Single                      25c +

Further selection of cards for 1991-92 part I set,includes,Shearer,Beardsley,Schmichael,Shilton.......... $2 each
3 football-cards-1990-fixtures

Football Trading Cards.Official Pro Set Player Cards,1991-92 part II.

Unopened Box           $45

Unopened Pack          $1.50


Empty box

Football Cards Score 92 Italy.Italiani di Serie A e B.Ravanelli.Simonini,Incocciati

Unopened Box        $15                 24 Packs

Unopened Pack        $1.50



Wrappers     3 different    50c ea  

Empty box      $5

World Cup Football Trading Cards.Upperdeck 1994 Contenders / Honary Captains
1994 contenders Unopened Pack         $2.50 ea.


Single               50c  +

Wrapper          $1

Empty box       $5

Inserts              Enquire

World Cup USA 1994 Football Trading Cards.Spanish/Italian     
world cup 1994 italian/spanish release Unopened Pack         $2.50


Single                  50c +

Wrapper             $1

Empty box          $5

Inserts                 Enquire

Soccer Game Cards.

Superstar Soccer Trading Cards Australian.
1995 Australian Game Card Starter Deck  
3 Unopened Starter Pack    SOLD OUT OF ALL PACKS.




Tony Vidmar promotional card $15

Superstar Soccer Trading Cards Australian.
1995 Australian Game Card  Booster Deck.  
2 Unopened Booster Pack      Sold Out!

Tony Vidmar promotional card $15

Merlin's Premier League Collector Cards1996-7.

Merlin's Premier Gold Singles.     50c+

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Football Cigarette Cards.
Association Football cigarette cards.

Captains Of Association Football Clubs and Colours Ogdens Cigarettes 1926.
Football Cigarette Cards. 
Set of 44.Most ex+

Price enquire

Football Cigarette Cards,Football Caricatures by Mac 1927 John  Player set.  
Most vg condition

Price enquire

Hints on Association Football 1934 John Players Cigarettes.Football Cigarette Cards. 

Set (8 damaged on back,all good fronts)

Price enquire

Association Footballers(adhesive)Football Cigarette Cards,WD+HO Wills 1935 
Set.Most VG condition, few with small finger prints to adhesive.

Price enquire.

 Association Footballers (adhesive) WD +HO Wills  1939.
Association-Footballers-1939_WD+HO-Wills-Cigarettes Set in stock. 

Condition.......excellent +........every card like it was just printed!The adhesive is untouched.

Set includes Stanley Mathews,who played in the 1953  "Stanley Mathews FA Cup Final".Wouldnt have been the same without him!

Price enquire.

Footballers, Cadet Sweets1959 (set missing #18) Can you help? 
Yes T/L thats Bobby Robson,who sadly died recently.

Includes Bert Trautman,Stanley Mathews,Jimmy Greaves,Brian Clough,Nat Lofthouse,Bobby Charlton(as a little boy!)Billy Liddell who are they?

Ask your Dad,or Grandad.

Price enquire.
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