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Fantasy Trading Cards..Page 2.
With the arrival of the original Boris Card series in 1991,there developed a completely new area of card collecting.With it came the beauty of the Fantasy Trading Cards.
The workmanship of these Fantasy Card Artists really stood out on the card.All manner of Gothic Fantasy plus Dragons and Imaginary scenes were produced during the period 1991 to 1996 with releases by Comic Images and FPG Cards.
Some of the well known Artists of the Fantasy sector are here such as Keith Parkinson,Paul Chadwick,Ploog,Hescox,Corben and Norman Rockwell.
Conan Art Cards are also featured.
Enjoy these amazing old Fantasy Trading Cards for sale

 Fantasy Trading Cards
Olivia Collectors Cards.1992 Comic Images USA.
90 cards and 6 prisms.
Set packs singles inserts available for most sets.No Traded Cards,Nr Mint.
Olivia II All Prism Series.1993 Comic Images USA.        
72 Prisms and 6 Chromium cards.1 promo unnumbered.
Olivia-II_All-Prism-Series Packets        In Stock

Set*            In Stock

Olivia III Ladies,Leather and Lace.1993 Comic Images USA.
90 cards,6 Holo Chrome,3 of 3,1 Medallion and Autograph Card.1 promo card.
Olivia-III_Ladies-Leather-and-Lace_Collector-Cards_Comic-Images Set*                    In Stock

Singles                 In Stock

Best of Olivia All Chromium.1994 Comic Images USA.
90 Cromium cards set,6 Omni Chrome,3-3,Gold Medallion Card and Autograph card.
Album and Mini Press sheet.1 promo.
Set                    In Stock

Olivia Studies In Sensuality.1995 Comic Images USA.
90 cards,6 Magnachrome,3-3,2 Medallion cards,1 case 6 card,Album with different 6 card panel.1 Uncut sheet and 1 promo.
Olivia_Studies-in-Sensuality.jpg Packets               In Stock

Set                      In Stock

Singles                 In Stock

Olivia Keepsake.199? Comic Images USA.     
 4 Large Cards In Set 1:2500!
no stock

Olivia In Omnichrome.1996 Comic Images USA.
90 cards,6 Clear Chrome cards,3 Card subset,Autograph,Album1 Box card,Holochrome  Promo card.
Olivia_In-Omnichrome Packets                 In Stock

Olivia Obsessions In Omnichrome.1997 Comic Images USA.
72 cards,6 Chromium,Autograph,Album and 1 Holochrome Promo card.
Olivia_Obsessions-in-Omnichrome_Collector-Cards Set                  In Stock
Set packs singles inserts available for most sets.No Traded Cards.Nr Mint,
Don Maitz Trading Cards.1994 FPG USA.
See D.
Keith Parkinson Fantasy Art Trading Cards.1994 FPG USA.            
  90 cards,5 metallic Storm cards,Autograph Card,10 card autographed case card.
Kieth-Parkinson_Fantasy-Art-Trading-Cards Packets                    In Stock

Some of the list are not strictly Fantasy Trading Cards.Our experience was that many who collected Fantasy,collected the included cards also.
Any Ommissions from our cardlist,regarding inserts,please let us know.Thanks...

Paul Chadwick Fantasy Art Trading Cards.1995 FPG USA.
90 cards,5 Metallic and Autograph Card.2 promo cards.
Packets                  In Stock

All Cards Straight From Box.No Traded Cards.Nr Mint.

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Mike Ploog Trading Cards.1994 Comic Images USA.         
90 cards,5 Metallic Storm Cards.Autograph Card.Beware of Fakes.
Marvel Art Redemption Card,Auto 10 card case card,Album with Vampire Card.

Richard Hescox Trading Cards.1994 FPG USA.
90  cards,5 Metallic Storm,Autograph card and 9 card Auto Case Card.

Richard Corben Collector Cards.1993 Comic Images USA.
90  cards and 6 prisms.Mini press sheet and 90 card Jumbo. 
Richard-Corben-Collector-Cards Packets      In Stock               

Norman Rockwell II Saturday Evening Post Trading Cards.1995 Comic Images USA.
90 cards,6 Holiday Chromium,3 of 3,1 Medallion,24 Karat Redemtion Autograph card and 6 card uncut Case card.1 promo.

Rowena Trading Cards.1993 FPG USA.              
 90 cards,3 Holograms,3 Gold Holo's,Autograph Card,Beware of Fakes,4 card uncut.
Set                      In Stock

Singles                 In Stock
Set packs singles inserts available for most sets.No Traded Cards.Nr Mint.
Best of Rowena Chromium Trading Cards.1996  FPG USA.            
          90 cards,6 Gold Holochrome cards.

Luis Royo From Fantasy to Reality Trading Cards.1993 Comic Images USA.
90 cards,6 prisms,1 standard promo and Mini press sheet.
Set                        In Stock

Singles                   In Stock

Luis Royo II Forbidden Universe.1994 Comic Images USA.
90 cards,6 prisms,3 Warrior Women,1 Medallion,4 case bonus cards:6 card,Autograph and promo card.
Set                       In Stock

Singles                In stock

Best Of Luis Royo All Chromium Trading Cards.1995 Comic Images USA.
 90 cards,6 Metallic,3-3,1 Medallion,Autograph,Album and Promo.
Set                      In Stock

Singles                  In Stock

Luis Royo Secret Desires Trading Cards.1997 Comic Images USA.        
90 cards,6 Omnichrome,Autograph Card,Album and Promo Dated.
Royo-Secret-Desires Packets               In Stock

Set                     In Stock

         Singles                   In Stock              

Shi All Chromium Trading Cards.1995 Comic Images USA.
90 Cards,6 Chrome,3-3,Medallion card.
Packets                         In Stock

Sorayama Sexy Robots and Pinups Trading Cards.1993 Comic Images USA.
90 cards,6 Chromium Cards,1Promo card and uncut mini sheet of 90.
Set                        In Stock

Singles                   In Stock

Sorayama II Chromium Creatues Trading Cards.1994 Comic Images USA.
90 plus 10 variation cards,90+ Holochrome set,6 Foils,3 0f 3,Medallion card,Autograph Card,2 case cards,Album and card,24 Karat Gold,Large Uncut sheet,5 promos.
Part set                  In Stock

Singles                  In Stock

Sorayama Silver and Satin Omnichrome Trading Cards.1997 Comic Images USA.
71 cards,6 Chromium,Autograph card,Gold Embossed Redemption Card,2 promos.
Set                     In Stock

Singles                In Stock

Salvador Dali All Chromium Trading Cards.1995 Comic Images USA.
90 cards,90 Holochrome,6 Magna Chrome,3 of 3,1 Medallion card, 24 Karat Gold Signature card,Case card and promo card.
Packets                   In Stock

Set                          In Stock 

Singles                     In Stock         

Jim Sterenko Trading cards.1995 FPG USA.
78 cards,12 SuperGirl  Metallic cards,1 autograph card and sell sheet.

Supreme Collector Cards.1996 Comic Images USA.    
90 cards,9 insert cards,9 Autograph: each Artist,Beware Fakes,Album and 1 Promo.
Supreme-Collector-Cards Packets                     In Stock

Set                          In Stock

                 Singles                          In Stock         
Set packs singles inserts available for most sets.No Traded Cards.Nr Mint.
Visons of Vampirella Trading Cards.1995 Topps USA.          
90 red cards,90 gold parallel,6 Horrorglow,6 Pin up Gallery box cards,Album and card,Promos 9.

Vampirella Gallery Trading Cards.1995 Topps USA.
72 cards,72 gold parallel,6 Fellow Femme Fatales,1 Hologram and 7 promos.

Bill Ward Trading Cards.1993 Comic Images USA.
  90 card set.

William Stout Lost Worlds Trading cards.1993 Comic Images USA.
90 cards,6 Chromium,2 uncut 6 card sheets:1 autographed,1 promo card and 1 sell sheet. 
Set                       In Stock

William Stout II Trading Cards.1994 Comic Images USA.
90 cards,6 Holochrome,3 of 3,1 medallion,Autograph Card,4 Case Cards:6 card uncut,1 promo and 1 Mini sheet.
Set                         In Stock

Uncle Tom Cobbly             By You Know Who        Thanks for getting this Far!

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All Cards Straight From Box.No Traded Cards.Nr Mint.

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