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Basketball Inserts.
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Dynamic Marketing Trading Cards.
Dynamic Marketing Trading Cards first issues were stickers,not cards.Attack of the
Dinosaurs were one of their earliest releases.The Flintstones and Friends Sticker Series was released later in 1991 along with Dynamic Marketings first Sports and Rugby League issue.3 years before Dynamics NRL trading card release was the State of Origin Heroes,Classic Sticker Collection.Set comprised of 30 cards complete with 4 stickers per card.As was common with all of Dynamic Marketing Trading Cards releases they came with their own sticker album or poster.The Magical World of Disney Sticker Pack,was also released in 1991,cementing Dynamic Marketing and Printing Pty Ltd Australia,as a new force in the trading card Manufacturing area.
Dynamic Marketing card and sticker series for sale from our trading card online store.
Read on for more information.

Dynamic Marketing Cards.The Early releases 1991.

Attack of the Dinosaurs.Dynamic Marketing 1991 Australia.
"21 Sticker Cards to collect" which contained 36 actual stickers + 21 bonus stickers.
Total 57.
Not to be confused with the American issue Dinosaurs Attack,a send up of Mars Attacks.
These were Educational and Funny caption stickers,not Horror cards.
Size of Card 98mmx163mm.Has 2 or 3 stickers per card.20 page sticker Album.
Issued to the best of my knowledge through Courier Mail and Sunday Mail.
Size of Card 98mmx163mm.
Has 2 or 3 stickers per card.

20 page sticker Album issued.

 The Flintstones and Friends Sticker Series.1991 Dynamic Marketing Australia.
A Hanna- Barbera Sticker release.Issued after 18/6/91 which was the date the Victorian Permit was issued to Dynamic to run their Trivia Contest.
22 Sticker Cards to Collect.44 Star Stickers + 22 Bonus Action Stickers+22 Identification Stickers.Total 88.
44 sticker poster issued.
Size of Card  90mm x 172mm.
Issued to the best of my knowledge through Courier Mail and Sunday Mail.
Size of Card  90mm x 172mm.

State of Origin Heroes,Classic Sticker Collection.
1991 Dynamic Marketing Australia.
120 sticker set.              
First Sport or Rugby League issue by Dynamic Marketing.
"Collect all 30 Classic Sticker Cards" with 4 stickers on each card.Total 120.
Size of card 112mm  x 166 mm.
Issued to the best of my knowledge through Courier Mail and Sunday Mail in Brisbane.

For all Dynamic Marketing Sports cards releases visit NRL Cards
Size of card 112mm  x 166 mm.

The Magical World of Disney Sticker Pack Collection.
 Dynamic Marketing 1991 Australia.
Title taken from front of wrapper.No title on sticker.Often referred to as "Star" stickers due to their shape.
44 sticker set.Wrapper only refers to 44 stickers.No "Foils" are mentioned.We opened many packs when issued never saw one.
"Giant Wall Poster Available" also,send away.
How they were issued?unsure.

Wrapper available.

No Stickers.

Please note. The above are  NOT for sale.For your information only.

Aladdin Movie Trading Cards.Dynamic Marketing 1993 Australia.
100 Card set,5 Gold cards.
1 Board mounted 55 card uncut sheet,plus letter of Authenticity,
23 only produced.
In Stock.
100 Card set
plus single cards.

5 Gold cards
plus single cards.

Batman Returns Movie Trading Cards,Dynamic Marketing 1992 Australia.
Visit above for complete information and Batman Returns card prices.

Batman Forever Movie Trading Cards Dynamic Marketing 1995 Australia.
Visit above for complete information and Batman Forever card prices and values.

Escape of the Dinosaurs Trading cards.
Escape of the Dinosaurs Collector Cards,Dynamic Marketing 1992 Australia.
66 cards and 5 chrome cards.
Escape-of-the-Dinosaurs_Collector-Cards In Stock

Single cards.

Chrome cards.


MT Box

Disney Classics Trading Cards
Disney Classics Collector Cards,Dynamic Trading Cards 1992 Australia.
150 Card set,25 Stickers,
          15 prism cards,4 commemorative cards,9 gold cards,1 album.
For more information and prices visit our Disney cards page.

Original Disply Box came unsealed but with the "Bring the Magic of Disney" Promo Sheet inside.

Will have more info and displays of how the series was released on the streets of Australia soon.

Magic Of Disney Stickers Trading Cards.1992 Dynamic Marketing Australia.
 42 ear stickers.20 Funny phrase stickers.20 Movie stickers.     
42 ear stickers.

20 Funny phrase stickers.

20 Movie stickers.

Prices currently on disney cards  and posters page.

Disney Posters. Mickey Mouse and the Magic of Disney Ear Sticker Poster.
1992 Dynamic Marketing Australia.Visit Link above for Disney posters.

Disney Adventures Collector Cards,Dynamic Marketing 1993 Australia.
100 card set and 6 chrome cards.
In Stock.
100 card set
plus single cards.

6 chrome cards
plus single cards.

Prices currently on Disney cards page,see link above.

Flintstones Movie Trading Cards,Dynamic Marketing 1994 Australia.
110 cards and 5 etch cards.
Flinstones-Movie-Collector-Cards_Dynamic-Marketing In Stock.

Part Set
plus single cards.

Jurassic Park Movie Collector Cards,Dynamic Marketing 1993 Australia.
110 cards,5 prism cards,5 pop out cards,plus bones.
Visit Dynamic Marketings rival for Jurassic Park card collectors
or were they rivals?

In Stock.

Card Set
plus single cards.


MT Box

Mario Brothers Movie Trading Cards,Dynamic Marketing 1993 Australia.
100 cards and 7 prism cards.  
Super-Mario-Bros_Collector-Cards_Dynamic In Stock.

Part set plus
Single Cards.

Prism Cards.


Display Box.

Phantom I Trading Cards,Dynamic Marketing 1994 Australia.
110 cards and 6 Dyna Ech cards.
Visit Phantom trading cards
Phantom-Trading-Cards-Dynamic-Marketing-1994 In Stock.


Single          75c
Dyna Etch


MT Box

Phantom Country Trading Cards,Dynamic Marketing 1994 Australia.
Set of 6 Large Cards.
No stock at present.

Phantom Series II Trading Cards,Dynamic Marketing 1994Australia.
110 card set,6 Gallery cards and 3 gem cards.
Pack   $1

Set       $12.50  inc wrapper

Single      25c

Gem Card


MT Box

Ren and Stimpy Show Trading Cards,Dynamic Marketing 1995 Australia.
110 cards,5 Kitty Glitter Cards and Album.1 poster and uncut 6 card promo.
In Stock.

Set 110 cards
plus single cards

 No Kitty Glitter cards.Sorry

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