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Dandy Trading Cards.
Dandy Trading Cards Australia was a local version of the Dandy Gum Company of Denmark.
Their trading card issues appear in 1989 and sadly disappear in 1991 with their Crazy League Sticker,Australian Rugby League release.
Locally produced,the Dick Tracey Movie Trading Cards were released by Lifesavers,under Licence.
An unusual feature of many Dandy Trading Cards series is the rounded corners.They are not square like most trading cards and they were unique series not reprints of other series.Small sets but big boxes.60 packs in some 48 in others.
Have included the Rad Dudes trading cards issue also.Although not a Dandy product it has similar features.Big box,many packs,the cards were printed in the USA but packaged in Australia.
Have included a few other unusual issues that may be of interest to Australian trading card collectors.
Dandy cards for sale from our trading card online store.Enjoy. 

Batman Stickers.rare.1990 Dandy Australia.
42 Sticker set.
Batman-Dandy-Trading-Cards-1990_Australia Batman-Dandy-Trading-Cards

Unopened Pack       enquire

Set                              $90           Nr Mint?
                                               (see link below)

Single                          $2.25 ea    Nr Mint?                                                                   (see link below)

Wrapper                      $5

Empty box                   $45
For more information visit Batman Cards.

Crazy League Stickers.Rugby League Cards 1991 Dandy Australia.
48 card set.
Crazy-League-Stickers_Dandy Unopened Pack


Single           $2.50

Wrapper      $3.00

Empty box   $49.00

Dick Tracy Movie Trading Cards.Different set to Topps Issue.1990 Dandy Australia.
88 card set no stickers issued.
Unopened Pack

Card set.          $49 with original wrapper

singles                 50c


Empty Box

Dinosaurus Trading cards.1989 Dandy Australia.    

                             Lost in Space Factory Reprint.Australia.                                                
40 card set.
Please note not a Dandy Cards issue.

Rad Dudes Trading Cards.1990 Pacific Australia.
107 cards set + variations plus checklist.

Same card set released in USA but in 80 packet boxes with only 1 style wrapper,cello,with gum.Huge box.

Printed in USA.Gum by Indonesia.Packed in Australia.
Rad-Dudes-Cards-series-1_Pacific-1990 Rad-Dudes-Cards_series-1_Pacific-Australia-1990 The
display box was huge!

Saurus Stickers.1991 Dandy Australia. 
55 card set.

Dandy Sailor Tattoo Series.199? Dandy Australia.
Little known of this series.Can you help?
 ? Tattoo's
Dandy-Sailor-Tattoo No stock at present.

Transformers Series I Trading Cards.1985 Hasbro Australia.
100 Card Set.
Please note not a Dandy Cards issue.
The USA set contained 192 cards and was issued by Milton Bradley.
Transformers-Hasbro-Australia-1985 Transformers-Hasbro-Australia-1980s Part set for sale 74 different,most VG.
In  stock single cards approx 50 different numbers,
various conditions.
Enquire with list at postbox.

We are constantly updating this page.
More images to come.
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