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Boris Vallejo Cards.
Boris Vallejo cards capture the work of one of the most respected and admired Fantasy Artists on the Planet.Boris worked on the Art work for the original Star Wars Movies.He designed and produced the Art for the promotional movie posters and the trading card release worldwide.
His ability is unquestioned,and he worked tirelessly to supply the demand for his work.
Boris also worked on several joint ventures as can be seen through the Boris and Julie Chrome trading card issue.
Below is a list of Boris Vallejo Fantasy Trading Cards released between 1991-1997.
When Boris Vallejo cards were released by Comic Images,they caused a storm in the USA,the UK and finally in Australia.Cards completely sold out from the factory,unheard of for such a newcomer to the industry.Upper-Deck trading cards had just been released,collectors had basketball in one hand and Boris Vallejo in the other.All Boris Vallejo cards for sale from our trading card online store,
Boris card collectors hope you enjoy your stay.

Boris Trading Cards.1991 Comic Images USA.
90 cards and Autograph card.
Pack             In Stock

Set                In Stock
Single            In Stock

MT box         In Stock

wrapper         In Stock

Boris II Trading Cards.1992 Comic Images USA.
90 cards and 6 prisms.
Boris-Series-II_The-Fantasy-Continues_Collector-Cards_Comic-Images Pack               In Stock

Set                  In Stock

Single               In Stock


MT box            In Stock

wrapper            In Stock

Boris III Trading Cards.1993 Comic Images USA.
72 prismatic cards and 6 chrome cards.

Set                    In Stock

Single                In Stock


MT box             In Stock

wrapper             In Stock

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Boris 4 Magnificent Myths Collector Cards.1994 Comic Images USA.
90 cards,6 holochrome cards,3 of 3 and 1 medallion card.   

Set             In Stock
Single          In Stock




Best of Boris Trading Cards.1995 Comic Images USA.
  90 cards,6 omnichrome,3-3,1 medallion card and Refractors.
Best-of-Boris-All-Chromium-Trading-Cards_Comic-Images Part set  In Stock

Singles in Stock

Boris and Julie Bell Chrome.1996 Comic Images USA.
90 cards,90 Holochrome parallel cards, 6 Magna chrome,3-3 subset cards,1 box card,Uncut 6 cards Magna card sheet,1 oversized case card,1autograph card of Boris and Autographed Julie Bell card.
Set             In Stock

Singles       In Stock

Boris and Julie Images of Josephine.1997 Comic Images USA.
Images of Josephine by Boris and Julie trading cards.
      72cards,6 omnichrome,
 1 Boris Autograph,1 Julie Autograph and a Josephine Autograph.
Images-of-Josephine_by-Boris-and-Julie Set               In Stock

Singles          In stock

Boris Keepsake Beast Cards.
 4 Large Cards.2500 sets issued!
No Stock at Present.

Boris Keepsake Beauties and Beasts Cards.1995 Comic Images USA.
  4 Large Cards.2500 sets issued!
No Stock at present.

Julie Bell Trading Cards.

Julie Bell Fantasy Art Trading Card Collection.1994 Cardz USA.
45cards,10 tekchome and autographed cards. 
Julie-Bell_Fantasy-Art-Trading-Card-Collection Set in Stock

Singles in Stock

Tekrome set in Stock 

Tekrome singles in Stock

Julie Bell Battlelust Keepsake Collection.1995 Comic Images USA.
six  6"x9'' cards and uncut sheet.2500 sets issued!
No stock at present..

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