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Bazooka Joe.
Came across Bazooka Joe comics,with Bazooka bubble gum,in the 60's in England.The comic adventures of Joe,Mort and the gang.Like all kids I opened the wrappers,chewed the gum and read the short comic story.
Reading the comics with stories about Petsy,Jane and Hungry Herman
wasn't were it ended.I actually saved the comics in my bedroom drawer.Wow.Not many kids read the stories,never mind saved them!
Well I should be retired on all those memories.I had hundreds if not thousands of them.Bazooka Joe released in 1968 by A and BC Gum,Topps subsidiary in England.
Discovered in 1987 the value of them.Aprox $5 each.
All I had to do was find the Bazooka Joe comics.
Thrown away as they where making a mess in my draw.Thanks Mum.
The good news.I remembered Bazooka comics are collectible around the World.
In 1989 I kept them.The Regina Australia,NZ release.Kept Mum out my bedroom and voila.Bazooka Joe bubble gum comics for sale from our trading cards online store.Hope you enjoy them.....

Bazooka Joe Comics.Regina Australia,NZ.1989 release.
42 Comics\1 Poster.Fan Club\1 Poster.Blown in the USA.1 Display\1Wrapper  

Series is Australian.Offer on comic has address in NSW and NZ.      

Join the Bazooka Joe Club Poster.Regina Australia,NZ 1989.
Poster was purchased at time of original Gum Purchase.Does not state Regina NZ or NSW but is the genuine article.
Bazooka-Joe-Comics-Poster In Stock 

$39!plus shipping

Packed flat between hardboard,cardboard to protect.
size 420mm x 594 mm
or 1yard 6 furlongs and 10 degrees celcius in old measurement!

Bazooka Joe Comics Showing the Offers.Binoculars,Ring,Fan Club,Watch,T Shirt,Camera.
Bazooka-Joe-Comics-Offers In Stock #
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42

Total 30
 numbers available.
$2.75 ea           $10 minimum order this page.

Bazooka Joe and his Gang.Release date taken from number by comic number.1989.
Each comic states address in Manukau NZ and NSW.
Bazooka-Joe_T-Shirt-Offer     Bazooka-Joe-and-his-Gang    Bazooka-Joe-Binoculars-Offer

Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum Display.Regina release 1989.
States "Product of New Zealand" to left of "Bubble Gum".
States "Manufactured in New Zealand" and "Distributed In Australia by..."
on front display cover.
This is a clear plastic cylinder with red plastic top and bottom.


Thats all folks!

Bazooka Bubble Gum Wrapper "1988" for 1989 release.States ManuKau New Zealand and NSW.

5 only in stock.

Bubble Gum Bazooka Comic still attached to Wrapper.
Always asked for unopened,best I can do.

Sold Out!

The "Blown in the USA" Bazooka Joe Poster.Australia,NZ 1989.
Poster does not state NZ or NSW.
We purchased it when we purchased the original stock.


Size 283x420mm

All stock untouched after sorting.No traded Bazooka Comics.
Gum smell is still there.Carefully preserved.Had to be.I forgot where I'd put them!

All stock is limited.In 1989 they didnt make many of anything Regina!
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