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Batman Returns Dynamic Marketing Trading Cards.
Batman Returns Dynamic Marketing Trading Cards 1992,plus batman cards from 1966 and 1989.
The Dynamic release was one of the most intricate Marketing  releases of a trading card issue ever,worldwide.The well thought out strategy did not miss a trick in leading the customer to a new level of  purchase.Posters,albums,stamped gold cards,holograms and a unique collectible set that actually shrunk when placed in the oven!

Customers were encouraged to send in Gotham City Dollars,inserted within the packets,or collect tokens,stamped on the rear of wrappers,for special card offers.This I believe led to a shortage of undamaged wrappers and fewer Gotham City Dollars in circulation.The offers closed and many collectors dumped their now valueless Dollars and tokens.
With all the offers on the backs of the Dollars,and the wrappers,it led to numerous variations.
We have many images of the Batman Returns Dynamic Marketing Trading Cards release.
There are 7 different wrapper backs.
Research is now complete for the Gotham City Currency Dollars,there are 22 different backs to the $1,20 different $2 and 20 different $5 Bills.See below for our checklist of Dollars and wrappers.
Batman trading cards for sale 1966,1989 and 1992 from our trading card online store.See side menu.The place for the Batman card collector.

In Stock.
Batman Returns Dynamic Marketing 150 card set.
Set ....enquire for availability and price.
Price Rise.
(comes with one $1 $2 $5) 

All cards straight from the box.Not traded.

Batman Returns Dynamic Marketing Shrinkies.

Set of 3! Batman,Penguin and Catwoman.

Sold out at present,Sorry.

In Stock #

Batman Returns Dynamic 20 Sticker Card set.

$10 Set.    50c  each.

In Stock #


Dynamic Marketing Batman Returns 10 Gold Card set.

The Gold Cards are the same for the wax box issue and the Mail Away Issue.

To be correct,the Gold Cards are "Stamped" not Embossed.

Purchased both alleged types and,they are both the same!

Batman Returns Dynamic Marketing 

Gotham City Currency Dollars and Wrapper Checklist 

 look at  the $1  number 4 and 7

"gold stamped" and  "GOLD STAMPED CARDS".

Price Enquire.

In Stock #
Batman Returns Dynamic Marketing 9 Hologram Card Set.

Singles. Enquire.

In Stock #

Batman Returns Dynamic Marketing 5 Bonus Cards set. RARE in Nr Mint.

Please note Bonus Stickers only available from original pack not a mail in offer.

No sets available.

Singles Price Enquire.

Nr mint,in stock plus lower grade cards.

In Stock #

Gotham City Dollars Set.
$4.95 set of 3.Nr Mint all clean white edges.

Free with 150 Card Set!

In Stock #


Dynamic Marketing Batman Returns original wrapper and display box.

Wrappers all 7 different $30.

Empty Display Box $35.

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