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Batman Forever Dynamic Marketing Trading Cards.
Batman Forever Dynamic Marketing Trading Cards release 1995.Another of the large insert card releases of the Batman Category.This series was notable for the release of the Noctovision insert card release.They were made of rubber!The checklist card only states 4 Nocto-Vision,however the 5th was released with the Official Card Album.
With scenes from the Batman Forever Movie,the set featured 9 Enemy "Foiled Debossed" cards plus The Megamotion Card of the Batmobile.
The more difficult cards to collect were certainly the 3 Promo Cards and the 9 Kellogg Cards.
Batman Forever Dynamic Marketing Trading Cards for sale from our trading cards online store.
Batman card collectors enjoy the visit.

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Batman Forever Dynamic Cards Set of 110 Cards $12.50 inc set of 3 wrappers.

Set Details.
 110 Trading Cards. 9 Enemy Cards.                                        
2 Heroes and 2 Villans Noctovision Cards with one Redemption Card for each.          
#5 Noctovision Card available with Official album.
 1 Megamotion Card                                                                                
9 Kellogg Cards
3 Promo Cards
Official Album.Album was released in two batches,one with Nocto Card and without.

Batman Forever Dynamic 1 of 3 Prototype Cards.Sold out at present.

Early Silhouette Spectrum Australian Magazine,July and August 1995,advertising the "Batman Forever Dynamic Marketing" release  and "Free Batman Forever Dynamic Promo Card."

Batman Forever Storyline.
In an Entangled Tale,Batman and Bruce Wayne find themselves the quarry of two devious Villans.
The vicious Two Face and the deranged Riddler, as Batman fights these foes, both he and Bruce Wayne become involved with physcologist Dr. Chase Meridian at a time when Bruce Wayne is questioning the purpose of his double life.
Joining Batman after the tragic death of his parents is Dick Grayson as Robin. He and Batman with the aid of new costumes and high tech equipment, fight evil in a Crime Riddled Gotham City.

Batman Forever Dynamic Set of 9 Enemy Cards $17.50 

Batman Forever Dynamic
Set of 2 Villans OR Heroes Cards and the Redemption Card $20

Batman Forever Dynamic Noctovision Card #5  $15

Batman Forever Dynamic Megamotion Card and Redemption Card.Sold out at present.

All redemption cards are unable to be redeemed,due to the fact that Dynamic Marketing closed in 1997.

Batman Forever Dynamic Display box .Packets 75c ea . No Boxes.
Empty box $5

Batman Forever Dynamic Wrappers.Free with set of cards or 50c each.

Batman Forever Dynamic Album $12.50       No Nocto #5.No pages.

9 Kellogg Cards.No Image or Cards in Stock at Present.

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